10 things in SG we can’t wait to do with our other 9 besties

We Singaporeans woke up to good news today, didn’t we? Prime Minister Lee has announced a series of changes to our current Covid-19 restrictions which will come into effect from March 29th and we are EXCITED! 🥳 Gone are the days when we had to separate large family or friends meetings at two tables usually so far away! 😣 It’s only a week away and we bet many of you, like us, are eager to know what to do, so if you need some inspiration, or maybe you have too many ideas that arise at the same time, we have what you need! But first, here are the new rules you need to know 😌 Starting March 29, we have the option not to wear a mask outside! You will still need to carry it indoors. And of course, the one that really got a lot of people excited is that group size restrictions for social gatherings will be doubled from 5 to 10 people 🥳 According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), outdoor and indoor settings are marked as follows:
  • Empty Housing and Development Board (HDB) bridges, HDB retail store walkways, five foot lanes
  • Naturally ventilated bus stops and interchanges
  • Unenclosed open spaces such as parks, fields, nature trails
  • Sheltered walkways and bridges in the open


  • Spaces in office buildings, shopping malls, elevators
  • On public transport such as buses and trains
  • In hawker centers, coffeeshops and wet markets
  • In HDB retail stores and other shophouses
  • In classrooms and libraries

While you are outside and not wearing a mask, you should always practice a safe distance of one meter between your groups of friends. There will also be an increase in the capacity limit for larger events and environments, such as those with over 1,000 people, to 75%, of course with safe distancing rules. For example, there must be no more than 10 people per table and there must be a safety distance of 1 m between the tables. And of course, up to 75% of employees can return to their workplace, compared to 50% currently. No more pesky Zoom calls or slow internet connection! 😱 For all F&B establishments, including hawker centers and cafes, you are now allowed to sit with groups of up to five fully vaccinated people, without the need to check vaccination status at their entry. Note that this coincidence spot checks may take place to ensure that only vaccinated people dine in these places. Alright, so now that we get it, it’s time to start planning your dating sessions next week! 🤩

1. Food, glorious food!

Credit: El Carbon
It goes without saying that this is something that definitely comes to mind! You might already be planning a big gathering of your loved ones for iftar buffets next month, or maybe you can head to the nearest hawker center with your whole family of 5 to enjoy some delicious meats. ElCarbon. Either way, food definitely tastes better when you’re with the best (complete) company! 😍 Need a little gourmet guide? HHWT has hundreds of items for you, from new stands to your classic favorites. Here are some articles to help you get started:

PS Eat at Carbon? Our new Tribes platform offers exclusive offers just FOR YOU if you register for FREE! Hint: you will receive a free meal 😱 Read for more information about Tribes by clicking on this link.

2. Camp

Credit: Unsplash
Be one with nature, roast marshmallows over a campfire, share stories and songs about it, and bask under the stars with the sound of waves crashing for you falling asleep – this only sounds like good vibes 😍 Camping has been allowed since March 18, 2022, but now that more of us can be outside, it’s going to double the fun and the vibe! We’ve compiled the ultimate camping guide you need for your next wilderness trip, and you can check it out by clicking this link!

3. Barbeque

Credit: @bbqwholesale for Instagram
You don’t need to pitch a tent to enjoy a barbecue night under the stars 🤩 Barbecues are open not only in parks, but also in HDB estates and condominiums! Applications for camping permits and the reservation of barbecues in gardens and parks are handled by NParks and you can book it through the AXS system here . If you are looking For ideas on where to find everything you need to cook for your BBQ feast, you can check out the BBQ Wholesale Hub! BBQ Wholesale Center is dedicated to helping you host a great BBQ for your guests. Their BBQ packages feature a dizzying array of marinated meats and seafood, all ready to be cooked right on your grill upon delivery! Plus, you don’t even have to travel to get the essentials (think: charcoal, wire mesh, and fire starter), you have to light the fire because it’s all part of the package 😍

4. It’s picnic time!

Credit: @atikahaha for Instagram There’s no better way to spend some quality time with your loved ones than by laying out a picnic mat, some food, and just chatting or playing games. All this while lounging in the greenery that our garden city has to offer 😍 Although picnics are already allowed, you can now bring MORE friends over if it’s a birthday or just a lazy day and choose not to wear your masks too, almost just like the good old days! Of course, remember that we are still in the pandemic, so respect the safety distance rule to be 1 meter apart, ya! We have 22 picnic spots to choose from for your next picnic session, so check out the link! Not sure what to bring for a picnic? These 5 simple ideas are a great start to your picnic! Ahh, aren’t you excited for next week already? !

5. Host a party

It’s time to go big and wild with your celebrations (safely of course!). Throw a big birthday party or make your birthday that much more special! Want to ride the fantasy? Why not organize a birthday or anniversary on a yacht? ! 😍 Now that looks like a party 🥳 And yes, HHWT has all your party needs covered with these items:

6. Movie marathons

Credit: Unsplash Sure, we could already be doing it from the comfort of our homes, but movie marathons are so much more fun if you do it with ALL of your best friends! 🥰 Chill out with your friends with loads of popcorn and other snacks while watching reruns of your childhood favorites on new TV shows on Disney Plus is the cheapest and easiest way to spend quality time together. Cinemas are considered to be indoors, so you should keep your masks on, but we will keep you updated on other mandatory safety distancing measures that apply! I’m definitely considering seeing Batman again with my other friends 🤭

7. Take group photos without a mask

This may sound a bit lame to you, but we were reminded to keep our masks on when we go out too often! Now post whatever you want on your social networks with your friends outside, without a mask 😍 The only problem we have is: we forgot how to smile for photos now 😰

8. More bigger outings to fun attractions

Do you remember those year-end trips to the zoo or Universal Studios Singapore with friends or family members? A group of us spent the day taking photos, taking on thrilling roller coaster rides and digging into all the halal restaurants. Well, we are getting closer to those good memories! We have so many items for you get ready for your next outing. A word of advice though: there may be more people visiting popular attractions like this, so plan ahead!

9. Try new activities in a large group

Credit: Kayak Fishing Fever
The happier it is, the more fun your day will be, and if you wanted to do something but it’s definitely not fun to do on your own, now you can get all your friends together and try a new activity together! Kayak along our southern islands while trying your luck at catching a big fish, be an F1 driver for the day at one of our go-kart spots, paint on canvas together, the list is endless ! You can just check out even more activities by searching on our HHWT’s website bar!

10. Travel plans? Plans Raya?

Credit: Unsplash Many countries around the world have allowed Singaporeans to travel without quarantine! Today (March 24), it was also announced that fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed to cross the land border between Singapore and Malaysia without quarantine or testing, including pre-departure and on-arrival testing, so we can say hello to our weekly Johor and Desaru trips soon! If you are planning your future trip, use HHWT’s comprehensive travel guides to help you!

Credit: Zuleyha Keskin on Facebook
With the easing of restrictions in Singapore, and between Singapore and Malaysia, there may be hope for some semblance of a pre-Covid Raya! Iconic Ramadan bazaars such as Laloolalang and Geylang Serai are back, and new pop-up bazaars will also start. At this time, all we can do is follow safe distancing rules where appropriate! Have fun there and stay safe!


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