11 beaches in India with their own unique characteristics


India is surrounded by sea on three sides and the nation has an incredibly long coastline that offers secluded beaches with Instagram-friendly backdrops. India’s best shorelines are found on the west coast, with the state of Goa being the most renowned. In any case, there are also different places to consider, especially if you have to go away from the holidaymaker’s trail.

Best Spectacular Setting: Varkala, Kerala

The ocean side of Varkala is about an hour north of the capital Trivandrum in Kerala and offers a somewhat serene option unlike the now marketed Kovalam. The setting on this side of the ocean is striking enough to blow your mind, with an endless open stretch of precipice lined with shacks on one side and vistas that stretch out over the Arabian Sea on the other. It is the ideal place to rest and rejuvenate, yoga and Ayurveda being famous there. Plan your outing with this Varkala ocean side travel guide or find other sea shores in Kerala.

Best Goa substitute: Gokarna, Karnataka

Think Goa has become too crowded and popular these days? Gokarna is a blessed little town in northern Karnataka, close to four of India’s most confined coastlines. It attracts both devout explorers and easy-going travelers with equal excitement. Go there to find out what Goa was like in its heyday, although time is limited as engineers are now seeing the capacity of this area. This Gokarna oceanside travel guide has all the intricacies.

Best Scenic Beach: Palolem, South Goa

Palolem is apparently the most beautiful ocean side of Goa. It is a half-circle shaped ocean side one kilometer long surrounded by a thick forest of coconut palms. The ocean side continues to fill prevalence steadily and is the most energetic ocean side in South Goa. Nonetheless, it retains its laid-back energy, as enduring designs are not allowed to be based on it. Find out what you want to know in our Palolem ocean side travel guide.

Best for relaxing: Agonda, South Goa

If you’re hoping to get away from it all, Agonda Beach in South Goa is for you! Stay in a cottage right by the ocean and enjoy peace and quiet. The rear on the ocean side is set with shacks and small shops, but other than that there’s very little else to do other than eat, drink, swim, and relax. Our Agonda ocean side travel guide will help you plan your outing.

Best for travelers and musicians: Arambol, North Goa

Growing from a lazy fishing town to Goa’s trendiest ocean coast, Arambol has really started to attract groups (tragically, perhaps to the immersion mark). It has a traveler vibe, though, with music and unrecorded beachfront practices. Plus, plenty of optional treatments like meditation, yoga, jujitsu, and reiki. It is possible to walk south from Arambol to the calmer ocean side of Mandrem. Check out these photos from the ocean side of Arambol to see what it looks like there.

Best for parties and backpackers: Anjuna, North Goa

The first flower children may have continued, but that doesn’t mean the party is over in Anjuna; amazing cabins in Curlies Shiva Valley host parties. Anjuna is also near HillTop in Vagator, where huge dizzying parties normally take place on weekends and New Years Eve. Their Facebook page has some niceties. In particular, Anjuna has plenty of backpacker accommodations and guesthouses where you can stay efficient and associate with other explorers.

Best for Action: Baga, North Goa

Undoubtedly, Baga Beach in North Goa might get commercialized and busy, but for people who love activity, it is one of the busiest shores on the coast. Watersports, para-cruising, oceanside cabanas, upscale bars, clubs and restaurants – you’ll find them all in all! These days Baga attracts a mostly Indian band, who come for the standard music and cheap drinks along Tito’s Lane. See our Baga ocean side travel guide for more.

Ideal for cultivation: Pondicherry

Pondicherry, with its inescapable French heritage, is an associative estate on the shore of Tamil Nadu in eastern India that is ideal for culture lovers. The memorable French Quarter around is a feature while the nearby shores of Auroville and Paradise are perfect for swimming. Also look at the picture-perfect beaches of Mahé, Yanam and Karaikal – which are also part of the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Here’s where to stay by the ocean in Pondicherry.

Best for scuba diving and snorkeling: Tarkarli, Maharashtra

If you can’t come to the Andaman Islands, the area on the ocean side of Tarkarli in southern Maharashtra has perhaps one of the best coral reefs in the central Indian area. This region is not yet on the tourist track and does not attract many foreign guests, although it is gradually attracting local travelers from the state. Basic homestay facilities right on the beach front are a joy. Locals can often be seen riding bicycles or taking slow walks to get around. Plan your excursion with our Tarkali Oceanside Travel Guide.

Best for learning to surf: Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu

One of the best places to visit near Chennai, Mamallapuram is less than an hour from the coast. The city has a thriving hiking and horseback riding scene, making it a great place to wait a bit and get some horseback riding artwork. The collection of UNESCO World Heritage monuments (including the Shore Temple and Five Rathas) and the stone-cutting industry add interest. This Mamallapuram Oceanside Travel Guide has more data.

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kerala

Muzhappilangad is India’s only Drive-In beach with a 3.8 kilometer long coastline. It is located parallel to National Road 66 between Kannur and Thalassery. This beach is the longest Drive-In beach in Asia and is listed among the top 6 beaches for driving in the world in the BBC article for Autos.

It should be noted that as of October 2020, eight Indian Sea coasts have been granted blue flag affirmation by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Denmark. The sea shores are Puri Golden Beach in Odisha, Shivrajpur in Gujarat, Ghoghla in Diu, Kasarkod and Padubidri in Karnataka, Kappad in Kerala, Rushikonda in Andhra Pradesh and Radhanagar in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Affirmation of the Blue Flag implies that these seashores are pristine, safe and harmless to the ecosystem.


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