5 Hawaiian Book Picks For September Recommended By Local Experts


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Hawai’i Kōlea: The Incredible Transpacific Life Of The Pacific Golden Plover

by Oscar W. Johnson and Susan Scott

The perfect book to re-energize right now as the kōlea return from Alaska to Hawai’i. This colorful, photograph-filled book is perfect for the casual reader and even the expert ornithologist. The easy-to-understand scientific text helps detail the incredible journey these shorebirds take each year. Kōlea can be seen in parks, cemeteries, golf courses, and other open spaces; get to know these transpacific travelers and why they spend their time in Hawaii inland. Tip: If you have kids, this is a fun book to peruse before you go out and search for kōlea in your neighborhood or at the local park. —David DeLuca, owner of Da Shop: Books + Curiosities

Paddle My Own Canoe: A Solo Adventure On The Moloka’i Coast

by Audrey Sutherland

A commemorative edition reissued by Patagonia Books celebrates the incredible accomplishments of kayak adventurer Audrey Sutherland. Sutherland, who died in 2015 at the age of 94, had lived in Hale’iwa since 1954. In fact, further east on the road is the famous surf spot Jocko’s, named after her son, Jock Sutherland. Needless to say, the independent, fierce and authentic approach to adventure that Audrey Sutherland applied to her kayaking trips is also how she lived life. Her book is appropriate read for our present day and the real and authentic approach with which she writes about kayaking, swimming, hiking and solo camping along the north coast of Moloka’i should serve as inspiration. for the way we should all live life. —David DeLuca, owner of Da Shop: Books + Curiosities

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Eddie Aikau: Hawaiian Hero

by Stuart Holmes Coleman

An armchair reading, this easily accessible biography documents the life of the legendary Waterman; it’s a great book to dive into as we head into fall and big wave season begins. This story is inspired by the popular book Eddie would go and focuses on Aikau’s life and transition from a big wave racer and lifeguard to a Hawaiian man seeking to rediscover his heritage and culture. Although Aikau disappeared at sea almost four decades ago, her spirit of self-discovery continues to inspire. —David DeLuca, owner of Da Shop: Books + Curiosities

Geckos Slide and Peek: A Hawai’i Seek-and-Discover Adventure

illustrated by Jon J. Murakami

This local version of “I Spy” is a perennial favorite of my children. They love to find all the different geckos and other stuff on each page over and over again in different scenes, like a crowded day at the beach or standing in line to shave the ice. Part of Murakami’s gecko series, this activity book is the perfect device diversion and is sure to keep young minds engaged in many hours of unplugged fun. —Lani Lee, bookseller at Da Shop: Books + Curiosities

Detours: A Decolonial Guide to Hawai’i

edited by Hōkūlani K. Aikau and Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez

Detours challenges the conventional travel guide format that focuses on the exoticism of our islands while neglecting to address the continued impact of tourism, militarization, climate change and colonization on locals and community native Hawaiian. This multimedia collection of artists, activists and academics raises awareness of critical perspectives and builds a powerful new narrative that, once observed, can no longer be ignored. —Kristen Namba Reed, bookseller at Da Shop: Books + Curiosities

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All of these books can be ordered through Da Shop, our Best of HONOLULU 2020 winner for Best place to find your next big read. The Kaimukī bookstore is also open for reading Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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