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Each with their own touch of magic, it’s hard to choose a favorite village from such a picturesque selection of five, named Cinque Terre. Riomaggiore invites hikers to take a break. It is ideal for appreciating high places, gazing at the ocean, finding endless perfect spots for great photos and, of course, enjoying Italian gastronomy. Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy. August 27, 2019.

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As more and more black people come out, the hiking industry is impacting every level, from novice to expert. Earlier this year, a fearless team of seven made history as the first all-black climbing team to summit Mount Everest. Prior to their victory, a climber named Sophia Danenberg held the mantle of the black American presence on the mountain, reaching the peak of the summit in 2006. Prior to the team’s trip, only 10 black people had summited Mount Everest. , out of more than 6,000 successful expeditions since the first in 1953. Speaking on the importance of the climb, organizer Phil Henderson said: ‘It sparks more conversation about black and brown outdoors and what it means: past, present and future”. To build on the legacy of this mission, the following information and advice is intended to inspire the next big (or small) black outdoorsman on their journey.

This feat may inspire a new generation of black outdoor enthusiasts to venture onto the trails, but it’s important to remember that preparation is key. In recent years, the tendency of hikers to attempt ambitious ascents under-prepared and under-equipped has led to a wave of high-intensity mountain fatalities and rescues. It is important when undertaking these journeys to do so with knowledge, experience and intention. Many factors go into planning a trip, including physical fitness, weather conditions, and outdoor survival skills. Preparing yourself with these factors in mind and taking beginner paths as you move towards your goal will ensure that these factors do not control your destiny. The following examples give options on all continents, for those who don’t want to wait to master all the skills before traveling in their climbing shoes.

North America

Lassen Valley: For all the satisfaction of climbing a volcano without enduring the intensity of the conflicts involved in the terrain, this California national park is a perfect destination, with a mix of accessible day hikes and more rugged nights. This park can be one to visit year after year as your stamina and skills progress.

South America

Cocora Valley: A lush valley dotted with some of the tallest palm trees in the world, the Valle de Cocora is a popular scenic trail for visitors to Colombia. The contrast between the open field and the slender palms that disappear into the mist create a unique and unforgettable setting for a somewhat elevated walk. With gently sloping terrain that features gentle hills on sharp peaks, it’s inviting for hikers with room to grow.


Cecilia Forest, South Africa: This well-trodden forest, full of scenic offerings, is an excellent starting point for novice hikers. It is relatively flat in terms of elevation and well laid out for visitor navigation. Travelers can also hire an armed guide who can take your group off the beaten path into nature to spot wildlife like elephants in their natural habitat.


Cinque Terre National Park, Italy: A coastal stay stringing together five small towns with endless photo-worthy vistas, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has endless fun to offer. While the entire length is manageable in a single day, the temptation to stop at cafes and take in the watery vistas can complicate things. Its leisurely pace and frequent intersections with civilization are a boon for hikers still learning to enjoy the great outdoors.


Great ocean walk: A path leading from Apollo Bay in Australia to its limestone outcrops known as the Twelve Apostles, this trail winds against turquoise marine splendor, with crashing waves and golden beaches on the horizon. You are likely to see a kangaroo or two if you choose this peaceful path. For novice hikers, this low-lying, well-marked, continuously shaded trail is an oasis.


Although there are no clearly mapped hiking trails in Antarctica that one can hike on their own like on other continents, there are plenty of adventure guides leading hiking tours for all ages. levels that can be used to explore the continent. Due to the professional nature of these excursions, your physical condition and readiness for any given trek will be calculated to provide the perfect experience at all levels.


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