7 award-winning bikes and travel gear from the iF Design Award global design community


The iF Design Award regularly selects the best and most innovative designs since 1953, honoring top-notch accomplishments in categories spanning product design, communication design, packaging, service design, architecture, l interior architecture and user interface and user experience for 67 years. in a row. The entire iF Design Award program received up to 10,000 entries this year, which were evaluated by 98 international design experts from 21 countries, as part of the iF jury.

This year alone, 1,744 designs received the iF Design Award for their creative achievements in various categories, while another 75 designs won the coveted iF Gold Award for their outstanding work. The iF Design Award always ends with a grand ceremony in Berlin, although due to the pandemic and global travel restrictions, this year’s award-winning products and projects are being celebrated digitally with an international content campaign encapsulated by the slogan ” The Creatife Power of Design ”in cooperation with renowned design platforms and seven renowned design museums.

Over the next few months, Yanko Design will also organize and showcase winning designs from this year’s program – We have selected seven award-winning models in the Bike category below! All of the iF Design Award winners can also be viewed on the all-new iF Design app which gives you access to a large database of award-winning design projects and their creators, right at your fingertips!

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IF Design Award 2021 Bikes and Travel Gear

Halfway Folding Bike by Giant Co. Ltd. (IF Gold Award Winner)

The iF Gold Award-winning Halfway Bike solves the biggest puzzle of all commuters: transporting their bike on public transport or around buildings. Its unique folding mechanism allows the whole bike to fit into a hand-pulled stroller that you can easily roll with you. The bike even comes with its own front basket to store your bag while you ride, and the wheels on the basket allow the bike to roll when fully folded! “The term Half-way refers to the bike’s folding system – using a single-sided fork and base, which equates to a more compact case size. The automatic locking system offers fewer steps for folding and introduces a new level of safety while driving, ”says the Chinese design studio and creator behind the Halfway, Giant Co. Ltd.

Litelok Go Flexi-U by Professor Neil Barron for LITELOK

Litelok Go Flexi-U is the world’s first flexible U-lock for bicycles. Unlike conventional U-locks with a rigid design, the Go Flexi-U sports a flexible design that can easily wrap around posts, fences and other objects. It matches the strength and durability of traditional U-locks while being incredibly light (641 grams). Plus, it easily attaches to your bike frame, making it pretty easy to carry with you as you ride!

Gmigo One by Baron Design Studio and Tianjin Jidian Road Technology Co. Ltd.

Designed to be a smart, modular scooter for urban commuting, the Gmigo One features a shape-changing design that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing scooter models simply by plugging different modules into the unique front frame. of the scooter. The minimalist design and Stormtrooper colourway form a perfect foreground in the urban context, and the small wheels are perfect for commuting around town. The easily detachable hub of the scooter makes the folded volume smaller and easier to store, and the magnesium alloy die-cast body helps to greatly reduce the overall weight of the scooter.

Canyon Fix 3-in-1 Minitool by Canyon Bicycles

Don’t be fooled by its tiny design, the Canyon 3-in-1 Fix Tool houses a true bicycle attachment tool shop in a compact but extremely versatile size. Combining 3 tools in 1 small lightweight mini tool, it includes a ratchet with 4 double-sided bits, a Dynaplug® tool to repair punctures on tubeless tires and a CO2 inflator to inflate punctures. With a CNC-milled aluminum body, it weighs only 45g but can deliver up to 30Nm of torque, helping you to separate your cycle and repair it without a problem. Plus, it’s about the size of your finger, so you can easily store it anywhere while you ride.

Canyon Speedmax by Artefakt Design for Canyon Bicycles

From the makers of the 3-in-1 mini tool also comes the Speedmax, an incredibly capable bike designed to dominate triathlons. By offering more configuration options, optimized aerodynamics, even more innovative integration solutions and storage spaces with a more streamlined design, the bike has been designed to give the triathlete all possible performance benefits. Canyon has also worked hand-in-hand with Artefakt, a Germany-based design studio that has been instrumental in the development of the Speedmax series since its debut in 2010.

Thule Group Thule RoundTrip Travel Bag

Designed by the famous Swiss outdoor equipment and transportation company, the Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel is nothing less than a bike locker that you can take with you. Designed on the format of popular camera bags, the RoundTrip Bike Duffel is specially designed for dedicated cyclists, with a structured and organized interior that offers dedicated storage spaces for clothing, accessories and EDC. Designed with individual cell phone pockets, zippered tarpaulin-lined pockets and a toolbox structure for easy viewing and access to items, the Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel is the perfect travel companion when you cycle, allowing you Easily access clothing, bike repair gear, or even your camera gear when you’re outdoors!

FORE_Bicycle from GK Kyoto Inc. and GK Design Soken Hiroshima Inc.

Designed as a bike designed for everyone, the FORE_Bicycle takes the format of a scooter, with a minimal U-shaped frame that even allows women to ride it while wearing skirts. The bike comes with a silvery nude aesthetic that feels natural and allows it to blend easily into surroundings and boasts of a unique chainless format that makes it easier to maintain. The chainless design also takes the stress out of greasing your clothes, or worse, getting your clothes caught in the chain links. By adopting this new foolproof format, the FORE_Bicycle improves the cycling experience, making it safer and much simpler for everyone who rides it!

To see all of these designs and more, visit the iF DESIGN AWARD website.


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