A new walking and cycling path will be completed in Rothschild and Schofield by 2023


ROTHSCHILD, Wisconsin (WSAW) – The Village of Rothschild and the Town of Schofield are working together to create a new walking and biking trail. The new paved trail will connect to the current Vogelman trail.

“The Vogelman trail is very busy, every time I pass it there is someone on it,” said Gary Olsen, administrator of the village of Rothschild.

He hopes the new trail will be used just as much. It will be connected to the Schofield Trail by the level crossing on Schofield Avenue by the railway bridge. The trail will pass through Schofield and Rothschild and over the controlled intersection of Business 51. It will then bypass the old Shopko building.

Olsen said many would like to have the extension.

“People love to go out, they love to walk and that will give them the opportunity to do that,” said Olsen.

In the process of creating the trail, they plan to keep as many trees as possible to make sure the trail stays lined with them.

This project is possible thanks to a Tap grant for which the town of Schofield and the village of Rothschild have joined together to apply. They received 80% of the funds for the project with her. There are about $ 180,000 left for both to fund. The Rothschild Village plans to use the money they saved in their budget for the rest.

Construction will begin in fall 2022 or early 2023. The test is to be completed by the end of 2023.

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