A Santa Teresa Jungle-Meets-Beachfront Resort That Pleads For Pure Living


A phrase you’ll often hear associated with Costa Rica is “Pura Vida” or “Pure Life” and for good reason: with its endless vegetation, smooth sand, and world-famous waves, there isn’t much to do with it. reasons to touch it. “As we see a collective shift towards more meaningful travel and conscious consumption,” says Oliver Ripley, Co-Founder and CEO of Habitas Hotel Group, “Santa Teresa is a destination that has captured the hearts and imaginations of one. growing number of people who are looking for a different experience. As such, Santa Teresa has become the last destination Habitas has set its sights on (in addition to its outposts of Alula, Bacalar, Bhutan and Todos Santos) for an opening in 2022.

Designed to blend in with the oceanfront jungle environment, the open structure of Habitas Santa Teresa shows an understanding of the land and a deference to nature as a guide. “Our low impact construction methodology maintains the original flora and builds itself around the large Ceiba trees found on the property,” says Ripley. Additionally, palapa rooms are made from local organic materials, providing guests with a feeling of total immersion in nature. Built with low impact to leave a minimal mark on the environment, the resort’s beach club and beachfront restaurant reinforce this connection with nature.

Besides the rooms, the main focal points of the property are the surf center, wellness area, restaurant, swimming pool and beach club. “Our property is located on one of the best surf spots in Santa Teresa, and surfing will be at the heart of our experience with instructors ready to take you for a morning or afternoon surf session.” Alternatively, guests are encouraged to explore the pool or beach club, savor health-conscious bites, and relax in the wellness area, which offers holistic therapies such as sound meditation, massages. , etc.

The hope is that guests will leave with “a deeper sense of awareness, awareness and empathy for our planet” than when they arrived. And since this is Santa Teresa, after all, “we hope that many guests will take the opportunity to learn to surf and fall in love with the sport.”


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