Adventures with Alan Hike at Pueblo Mountain Park


BEULAH – In our new exclusive Adventures with Alan series, we’ll travel southern Colorado week after week showing you thrills and thrills, hidden gems and well-known places.

This week our adventure takes us to Pueblo Mountain Park in the Beulah Valley for a first visit.

The park sits nestled on the eastern slopes of the humid mountains, less than 40 minutes from the city.

Owned by the town of Pueblo, the park offers hikes and hikes on six miles of trails.

Our destination today is Mace Trail, which is a fairly easy two-mile round-trip hike.

We start surrounded by tall pines, tall grass and dense shrubs.

Instead of people, sounds of silence fill the air.

There aren’t many wildfires except for a cute dark brown squirrel that swoops down a tree the closer we get to it.

As we climb higher we have a wonderful view of the surrounding Beulah valley and the wet mountains.

The trails here are well marked.

Whenever we come across a fork in the road, there are large signs to help keep us on track.

In addition to signage, easy-to-read maps also provide a helping hand.

As you walk through forests and along open ridges, it is easy to gain a new appreciation for the beauty of our state.

After a final fork and another sign, we arrive at the end of Mace Trail. From there you can continue in one of two different directions or go back down the path you came from.

With a drop of around 350 feet, Mace Trail really isn’t that difficult, even for beginners.

Easy to get to, easy to hike, it’s not as crowded as other well-known spots in southern Colorado.

After a trip to Pueblo Mountain Park I’m a fan and will definitely be back.

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