An Oregon Teacher’s Quest to Climb Washington’s 100 Highest Peaks – In 1 Summer: Peak Northwest podcast


The Washington Bulger List offers a lifetime of climbing.

The historic list of the state’s 100 tallest mountains includes some of the region’s most popular peaks – Mount Rainier and St. Helens, for example – and many without as much name recognition. (Sinister Peak, anyone?)

Jason Hardrath, a Klamath County physical education teacher, embarked on a mission this month to climb the 100 peaks in record time. His goal: 50 days.

We caught up with Jason earlier this month – before he went to Washington to start climbing – for this week’s episode of the Peak Northwest podcast.

Some highlights:

– Jason tells listeners a bit about himself and the types of outdoor activities he enjoys.

– He describes the scope of his summer goal.

– It details what it was like to reconstruct the logistics of the project.

– Jamie and Jason give their point of view on the difficulty of the project.

– Jason describes the skills it will take to achieve his goal and how he prepared for the challenge.

– He explains how he explains his outdoor activities to his students and how he incorporates the lessons of his travels into his teaching.

Here is the full episode.

Follow Jason’s progress on his website and Instagram.

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– Jim Ryan and Jamie Hale

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