Bay Street Orthopedics Continues to Grow by Providing Emergency Care Services


PETOSKEY – Bay Street Orthopedics & Spine CEO Justin Blohm – like many in the healthcare industry – acknowledges that the past 20 months have not been the easiest.

However, its surgical and non-surgical orthopedic practice, which has seven locations in the northern Michigan area including Petoskey, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, St. Ignace, Gaylord, Rogers City and Traverse City, has grown over the past two years. years.

“All we do is make sure our community is taken care of and healthy,” Blohm said. “Our staff live here and many have lived there for many years and they want to make sure we have a good, strong community.

“We don’t want people driving to Grand Rapids or Detroit for their health care,” Blohm added. “The good thing about our group is that Bay Street historically was general orthopedic surgeons, which meant they did everything. We’re now in the scholarship model, which means each of our surgeons has a scholarship training for foot, ankle, spine, sport or hand. So to see this specialist you no longer need to drive up to UM, you have it here. “

Blohm said his practice, which includes 65 support staff / clinical staff as well as 15 providers (with two new surgeons expected to join the practice next fall), believes it is important to have patient care. quality health in the area, where patients do not have to travel long distances.

“The guys’ purses are some of the best in the country and we have them here in northern Michigan, which is unreal,” Blohm said. “I think this is a good thing for members of our community and our growth has been significant over the past two years.”

Bay Street Orthopedics' team of 14 physicians and advanced practice providers provide specialist and general orthopedic services.

In addition to its seven clinics, including a state-of-the-art surgical center in Boyne City, Bay Street Orthopedics also recently began providing urgent orthopedic care services in Petoskey and Gaylord, Blohm said.

“We have a dedicated provider there so patients can come in or call and say I need to be seen right away and they can come in directly,” Blohm said. “The need for that… let’s say a child falls off monkey bars or you twist your ankle, non-emergent things that would typically be seen in emergency care.

“The fact that patients can walk in whenever they have an injury, whether at work, at sport or whatever, they can walk in directly, they don’t need to make an appointment and they are seen the same day, ”Blohm added. . “It’s just the level of care we wanted to provide to the community. All of our partners, they live here, they care about the community and they want to meet their needs.”

Blohm said Bay Street orthopedic emergency care – which is currently offered Monday through Friday – is generally a different experience than one would typically see in a family practice.

“I would say one of the most positive things about our practice in orthopedics is not like a family practice with sick people, where you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” said Blohm. “Generally, people here are in good health. We are very strict on our COVID cleaning protocols and have staff who clean the lobby on an hourly basis.

“We want to make our office very welcoming and expansive and we try to keep everyone as safe as possible.”

Blohm noted as many other health care providers grapple with downsizing, Bay Street has been lucky where staffing has not been an issue.

“I think it’s because we’re at the top of the salary scale, so we can attract and retain the right talent,” Blohm said. “Fortunately, we were able to attract good staff, we attracted good quality veteran-type people who know emergency care, which is perfect. I have a lot of staff who work with orthopedic providers because they know what’s going on, they know how to sort, how to put on a splint and a cast, that’s perfect. “

Blohm said that with the addition of emergency care services, wait times – which he said have been an issue – should be reduced for patients.

“With these providers seeing walk-in type things on the same day, we’re hoping to get patients in faster and there’s no backlog,” Blohm said.

Over the past year and a half, Bay Street Orthopedics has also been able to implement telehealth services that have helped patients during the period when many elective cases were on hold, Blohm said.

“We were able to use the technology to our advantage and I think our patients were much better off,” said Blohm. “We had a massive backlog of cases when COVID arrived, but we did and it was a challenge.

“It was a tough time, but we held everyone back and we were very positive.”

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