Charming exploration game A Short Hike is coming to PS4



After the successful launch of the game on PC, A Short Hike quickly settled on the Nintendo Switch. Almost a year later, the game is finally coming to PlayStation 4 in the fall of 2021.

If you haven’t played A Short Hike, you’ve probably heard of it. It has been hailed as one of the best indie games of 2020, winning awards at the Independent Games Festival and the DICE Awards.

A Short Hike is an exploration game about a bird named Claire who hikes and flies through scenic Hawk Peak Provincial Park in an effort to reach the top. The colorful wilderness is teeming with hidden treasures, magical mountain hovering moments, and entertaining NPC hikers who aid Claire on her journey. Mini-games like beach fishing and volleyball keep the hike from feeling linear. It’s a little game with a charming story that captures the essence of hiking and the outdoors. Mark Sparling’s dynamic soundtrack added more life to the already bustling world.

Along with the PlayStation announcement, Adam Robinson-Yu, the creator of A Short Hike, provided an overview of his development process on the PlayStation Blog. He explains how his road trips inspired him to create this game. “To help create a sense of freedom, I tried to design the game as a small open world. I wanted to encourage exploration of the road. less frequented and that your curiosity is rewarded “, he explained. Players have most certainly felt his intentions in the game.

Although the announcement was only made for PlayStation 4, Robinson-Yu added in the blog that it “includes the ability to fine-tune the pixel size to your preference. On PS4 Pro and PS5, you can even watch A Short Hike in 4K! “

This captivating and heartwarming adventure received a 9/10 in GameSpot’s A Short Hike review, with Khee Hoon Chan saying “It’s about seeking a quiet communion with nature even when you take your umpteenth hike to the top, or to find contentment by stumbling over a smaller and quaint It proposes that even the smallest and most mundane of vignettes can be as captivating as grand universes and more ambitious game tales.

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