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As I was walking back to the main road, a bus passed and it happened to be the driver who had dropped me off a few hours earlier. We made eye contact, and he gave me a thumbs up and a big smile – probably glad I was back in one piece.

My second chance at Raemaru came on Friday. The weather had been uncertain – it was light rain intermittently all morning, but I saw a break in the clouds, the sun came out and I was off.

It felt like a completely different ride. The rain hadn’t been heavy enough to soak up the trail like it had a few days earlier and I felt like I had reached the rock face in no time. The rocks were dry and I climbed with ease, feeling very mountain goat. It was almost amazing how much easier it was to get up when it was dry!

Once at the top of the rock, the trail levels out to a plateau covered in brush and bushes. There was a trail, but I somehow lost it and ended up stomping through the bushes, trying my best to avoid the cobwebs that stretched across the path. one tree branch to another. There was a small clearing where you could see breathtaking views of the island from every angle, and I decided this had to be the “summit”.

The sound travels surprisingly well – from a height of 357m I could clearly hear some sort of high school sporting event going on as well as some barking dogs.


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