Connor Robertson went with his gut when committing to Texas


When the Texas staff first proposed Connor robertson, he was quite open to the idea that the opportunity to play for the Longhorns was a dream for him. After making his visits, Texas was the school that felt most comfortable and the program his gut told him was at home. “It was really just the comfortable aspect,” he said. “When I went there and compared to the other places that I went to visit and that I was considering, I felt the most comfortable. It was most like home. Coach Sark, Coach Flood and the rest of the staff had a lot to do with it. I have great confidence in them. It was what my gut told me to do. “Maybe sometimes my head would tell me to do something else, but I wanted to stay true to my instincts, and I wanted to do what I wanted to do and not what I thought I should do. house, and that has always been my dream. I wasn’t making any of that or anything. It was always a dream to play in Texas. I thought about it how, in five years, if I’m leaving, am I going to regret not having made my dream come true or at least trying to do it. “Robertson ended his tours last week after a trip to Stanford. He took a few days to think about it, then called Texas last Tuesday. “I really wanted to think about it a bit,” he said. “I just wanted to make sure it was the right decision before I did anything prematurely. did and then told the other schools how grateful I was. It was just what my gut told me to do and I watched it like my gut always tells me to do it after visits, so why wait? I don’t think anything was going to make me change my mind after taking my tours and thinking about it. “I think that’s kind of why I decided. It was the best time, and Cole and I set it for a certain date. I felt it was the right time, and I was almost done with recruiting. I’m glad I did when I did and have no regrets at this point. I feel really good. Robertson plays tackle at the high school level, but he has the versatility to play multiple positions on the offensive line. He plans to continue training in several positions, but he thinks he could end up playing indoors. “Center,” he said. “From what I’ve heard from Coach Flood is that the guards and the center train the three inside stations. I think the inner guard or center would be where I will probably play at the next level. To me it doesn’t really matter at all. I just want to play any position that helps us win. If it’s in the center, I’ll work my tail and learn how to break. I’ve played center before but I really do whatever they need to help us win. “I was fortunate enough to play tackle at Westlake so if something is needed where injuries occur I feel like I have the experience and comfort in tackling. five positions and I’m a good tackle at Westlake. I know middle school isn’t really like high school where you have a guaranteed spot. I’ve worked really hard to make sure I feel like I’m on the job. comfortable in all five positions equally. “Robertson’s family have supported me throughout the process, and he feels excited about the future.” I think they’re really excited, “mentioned.” In the end in fact, that’s what I felt most comfortable with and they were all in favor of the decision either way or the other of Texas or not. Some of them definitely had their opinions, and they didn’t hesitate to share it. I appreciate what they have to think about it and what they have to say. “That’s why they are my family. I think they are have excited. We really enjoyed being in Austin during our time there, which hasn’t been my whole life, but it’s been a while now. I think they’re really excited, but we’re good to go and bring Texas back. It starts with new staff and doing what we need and recruiting the players we need to make this possible. and the No. 77 overall prospect in Texas, according to 247Sports Composite.


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