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The 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Miles kicked off Friday at noon, pitting runners against a grueling course filled with strenuous climbs and monstrous descents through the mountains surrounding Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Unique in the world of ultrarunning, Run Rabbit Run has two divisions: the elite “Hares” and the everyday “Turtles”. While anyone can enter either division, the Hare division has specific stipulations – the time limit is shorter, runners cannot use sticks or pointers and are not eligible for the Tortoise awards.

High altitude running attracts some of the best ultrarunners in the country – in large part due to the total of $ 75,000 in prizes to be paid out among the top runners in the Hare Division. The course includes climbs of 10,568-foot Werner Mountain, Buffalo Pass and Emerald Mountain, for a total of 22,000 feet of elevation gain.

With fall weather well advanced in Steamboat Springs and freezing nighttime temperatures crushing spirits, many runners have chosen to descend to the 50 mile mark, Olympian Hall, also one of the lowest points on the course. Many who had previously held competitive positions up to this point have dropped out, including Kyle Pietari, 2019 Men’s Run Rabbit Run 100 champion and Sarah keyes. The main male runners started crossing the finish line just over 18 hours after leaving Steamboat Springs, while the women finished after 8 pm.

Olympian Hall, about 50 miles from the 100-mile race, where more than a few runners decided their race was over. All photos: Paul Nelson / Trail Junkie Photos

Results 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Miles Women

Addie bracy finished first in the ladies with a time of 20:23:53. Bracy quickly established a pace that kept him ahead of the competition and finished with a 37-minute lead over Alissa st laurent, who crossed the finish line in second place at 21: 01.18. Bracy finished about seven minutes off the course record of 20:16:54, set in 2013 by Michèle Yates. Emily caldwell was third at 9:19:18 pm, 18 minutes behind St. Laurent.

Addie Bracy - Female Champion Run Rabbit Run 100

Addie Bracy, the 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile female champion crosses the finish line.

The top 10 women included:

  1. Addie bracy – 20:23:53
  2. Alissa saint-laurent – 21:01:18
  3. Emily caldwell – 21:19:18
  4. Arden Young – 22:39:56
  5. Abigail Levene – 22:58:28
  6. Nicole bitter – 23:12:54
  7. Jaquie mannhard – 24:37:35
  8. Jasmine Lowther – 24:41:05
  9. Amelia Boone – 26:26:55
  10. Becky bates – 27:04:02

Full results.

Results 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Miles Men

Dave stevens was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 18:01:45, after what had been a close race with the second Anthony Costales, who crossed the line just over 38 minutes later at 6:39:51 PM. The pair stayed within minutes of each other for most of the race. Stevens was about three minutes ahead at the seventh checkpoint, but took a 10 minute lead at the eighth and continued to advance to the finish.

Jeff Mogavero crossed the line in third at 18:48:00, just over 46 minutes from the winning pace, followed closely by Nick coury, who finished 34 seconds later in a sprint to the finish (as fast as you can sprint after covering 100 miles)!

Dave Stevens - Men's Run Rabbit Run 100 Champion

Dave Stevens, the 2021 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile men’s champion crosses the finish line. Photo: Paul Nelson / Trail Junkie Photos

The top 10 men in the standings include:

  1. Dave stevens – 18:01:45
  2. Anthony Costales – 18:39:51
  3. Jeff Mogavero – 18:48:00
  4. Nick coury – 18:48:34
  5. Marc Hammond -19: 08: 54
  6. Julien chorier – 19:32:48
  7. Jesse Rich – 20:40:24
  8. Morgan elliot 20:45:19
  9. Shawn smith – 21:13:31
  10. Jacques Bishop – 21:23:15

The men’s course record of 17:15:20, which was set by Jason schlarb in 2013, remains undefeated.

Full results.

Nick Coury Run Rabbit Run - Paul Nelson Trail Junkie Photos

Nick Coury earlier in the race. Nick finished just 34 seconds behind Jeff Mogavero in a sprint to the finish.


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