Deezer breaks price promise with 20% hike on premium plans


The Deezer streaming service has broken the commitment made just a few months ago not to increase its prices.

The company is increasing the price of its Premium plan from £ 9.99 per month to £ 11.99 per month in the UK, while the Family plan goes from £ 14.99 to £ 17.99.

It comes just five months after the company publicly pledged that “Deezer will not raise prices amid the pandemic,” following a price hike from rival Spotify. In the UK at least, the pandemic has been in the worst state in months.

Deezer also said that if “we were ever to increase prices, we would give our users three months’ notice to make sure it doesn’t surprise.”

Deezer claims his hand was forced because bigger rivals, including Amazon and Apple, offer HD music as part of their standard subscription plans. Deezer is now doing the same, removing its more expensive HD tier and giving all Premium plan subscribers access to higher quality streams.

However, this results in an increased cost for the company, which it has decided to pass on to customers. “We have made the decision to make HiFi our new sound standard and to adjust our prices in the UK,” said Deezer CEO Jeronimo Folgueira, who was appointed around the same time as the previous price commitment has been made.

“We want to give music lovers the best experience available, as well as contribute to the continued growth of music around the world.”

Deezer also claims that the price increase means that “more money is going to musicians and songwriters, in an industry that has not increased its prices for more than 10 years as the catalog available has grown from just over 5 million songs to over 70 million today “.

Amazon attack

Deezer’s move comes the same week that Amazon Music announced that its subscribers would have access to spatial audio streams, similar to those offered by Apple Music.

The streaming industry has entered a kind of sound quality war, with different services trying to outdo each other with the type of streams they offer on premium packages.

“We have always believed that the highest quality audio possible should be the standard for music streaming, and that is why today we are making spatial audio available to our customers without any special equipment required and no upgrades required, ”Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music, said in a statement.

Amazon has already included HD streams in its standard package.

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