Franconia OK’s 11% tax hike


FRANCONIA – The canton’s property taxes increase by 11% for the 2022 budget at the tax rate approved on December 20 by the supervisory board of the canton of Franconia.

In November, the board said the general fund portion of the tax bill would increase to keep pace with inflation, but a decision on increasing the fire protection tax would also be increased to bring this tax rate at the same level as library holdings. would not be done until the December meeting.

At this meeting, held at Souderton Area High School instead of the township building, where construction is underway, the board agreed to increase the rate of the fire protection tax , Hammer said.

“We recognized that the fire departments are a very valuable part of the township of Franconia and the Indian valley in general and that they have not had the opportunity with the pandemic to do the fundraising that ‘they’ve been able to do it historically, and yet with the pandemic, they’ve had to answer the calls and go out and serve the community in these very difficult times, ”Hammer said.

The Harleysville, Telford, Tylersport and Perseverance of Souderton area fire companies each have primary coverage in parts of Franconia.

The new tax rate for property taxes in the canton of Franconia is 2.254175 thousandths, of which 1.594175 thousandths are for the general fund and 0.33 thousandths for each of the fire protection and library levies. At this rate, the bill for a property valued at $ 166,000, the township average valuation, is $ 374.19. Each mill equals $ 1 in tax per $ 1,000 of assessed property value.

The $ 5,956,048.85 of general fund expenditure of the 2022 budget includes $ 717,305.46 for legislative and executive costs; $ 154,128.78 for general public administration; $ 2,425,475.38 for the public security police; $ 234,938.75 for police administration; $ 1,219,127.85 for public works; and $ 155,751.13 for the administration of public works.

In another matter at the meeting, a conditional use hearing was held for the development of 84 Pulte Homes, The Reserve at Franconia, homes on 55 acres at Cowpath Road and Beck Road, Hammer said.

The plans include 42 single-family homes and 42 townhouses, he said. Thirty-six acres of the property will be preserved as open space, he said.

Conditional use has been approved, but it’s not final approval, he said.

“It will still have to go through the land use planning process,” Hammer said.


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