Geordie Shore star Natalie Phillips climbs Mount Snowdon on one leg for charity


Former Geordie Shore star Natalie Phillips embarks on a “gigantic challenge” by scaling Mount Snowdon with one leg.

Natalie takes on a unique hike to benefit Amp Camp Kids – a charity that raises money to send amputee children and their families on vacation for free.

The 31-year-old is the only non-amputee in the group of 50 to take on the grueling single-leg challenge on Sunday.

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She will wear a strap that goes around her waist and left leg to lift her off the ground and use crutches to climb Wales’ highest mountain.

“I can’t decide if I’m stupid or crazy,” Natalie told ChronicleLive.

“It will be an absolute challenge.

“I’ve been on walks with the charity before and seen amputees struggle. I really feel a part of what’s going on, but I was not doing anything to understand what amputees are going through.

“I’m going to use crutches and my right leg only to get on it. My left leg will not touch the ground during the entire walk.”

Natalie Phillips appeared on Geordie Shore for two years

Natalie jumped at the chance to get involved with the nonprofit about a year ago after it was launched by friend Ben Lovell.

Ben, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, had his leg amputated above the knee in 2017 after developing a blood clot.

After a dark year, during which he considered committing suicide, Ben struggled through his mental and physical struggles and made helping other amputees his lifelong mission.

He created Amp Camp, a unique rehabilitation camp in Tenerife where guests can spend a week listening to Ben and sharing their own experiences.

They are given a personal chef, nutritionist, fitness program, and work on whatever they think they need to help them move forward in their new lives.

Natalie Phillips tackles Mount Snowdon using one leg to raise money for Amp Camp Kids
Natalie Phillips tackles Mount Snowdon using one leg to raise money for Amp Camp Kids

Now he has decided to focus on kids the same way and created Amp Camp Kids.

Natalie, who is now the charity’s ambassador, hopes to raise £ 13,000 to send six young amputees to Tenerife for retirement.

She prepared to face Mount Snowdon by scaling northeastern landmarks such as Penshaw Monument and Roseberry Topping.

“The training has been brutal, I’m not going to lie,” said Natalie of Consett.

“I’m really nervous, although I don’t know why. I know I will and I usually don’t doubt myself in situations like this.

“I have no illusions about how difficult it is going to be, but this foundation has completely changed my life, so collecting this money is extremely important to me.

“I want to give back to the foundation and the children what they gave to me – the greatest joy.”

Natalie left Geordie Shore last year in the middle of Series 21 after admitting she felt “too old” to be home.

She says Amp Camp Kids gave her something new to focus on and set a goal of completing Sunday’s 1,085m climb in half a day.

“Geordie Shore has given me more confidence in who I am,” she said. “It encouraged me to be more present and vocal.

“Ever since I left the show, I wanted to use my status to allow other people to accomplish things.

“The people I met through Amp Camp blew me away. I’m so amazed at how unfazed they are.

“They take life as it is and carry on and it’s so inspiring. The association gave me a purpose and something to focus on after Geordie Shore.

“It means the world to me more than anything I’ve ever done.”

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