grough – The team use a technical rope system to rescue a Peak District quarry climber


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Saturday 23 April 2022 19:47 GMT
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Rescuers set up a technical rope system to get the climber out of the ledge. Photo: Edale MRT

Mountain rescuers used a technical rope system to extricate a climber who was injured when he fell more than 20ft at a Peak District quarry.

The lone climber, who was using a self-belay technique, landed on a ledge above a quarry pool.

The Edale Mountain Rescue Team were called to the incident on the pool wall at Bolehill Quarry above Grindleford around midday on Thursday.

The man slipped and fell approximately 7m, landing painfully on the ledge.

A team spokesperson said: “He managed to roughly report his location to the emergency services who helped us finally locate him.

“First team members down to his position assessed his injuries, which appeared to be isolated to his right hip. He was relieved of pain and made comfortable as the cliff system was prepared for the bottom to the quarry floor.

Rescuers wrapped the climber into a stretcher, then used a long top rope system held under tension by a guide line to allow the stretcher and its occupant to be pulled over the pool, described by the lifeguards as ‘pretty row’, down to the quarry floor.

The spokesman said: ‘An East Midlands paramedic arrived on the scene to help with the treatment of the patient and it is thanks to him for the video of the cliff rescue.

The injured man was then dragged onto the road and a waiting ambulance, which took him to North General Hospital in Sheffield for further treatment.

The incident involved 16 Edale MRT volunteers.


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