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About 90 miles east of Manhattan is a small village on Long Island called Bellport. Drive through town on Main Street, South Country Road, and you’re off in a flash. This is exactly what people seem to like about it. Just 1.5 square miles and a few blocks from tidy shopping, Bellport Village – and the neighboring enclave, Brookhaven Hamlet – is stubbornly quiet and quaint, affectionately called “Un-Hamptons” by locals.

The promenade leading to Ho-Hum Beach, accessible by ferry from Bellport Marina.

Howie guja

There are no swarming crowds or Michelin starred restaurants. Nightly attractions include a one-room ice cream shop (Carla Marla’s) which stays open until 11:00 p.m. on weekends, and an Organic Garden (HOG) which hosts occasional alfresco dinners with live music. Perhaps for these reasons rather than in spite of them, the neighborhood has always attracted artistic residents: Isabella Rossellini owns and operates a farmhouse in Brookhaven, and countless interior designers inhabit the village.

Architecturally, there’s plenty to ogle on a bike through town. The historic district, just south of the main drag, is made up of centuries-old white-planked houses with green shutters and so many towering trees that they cover the roads in places. And the small town has no less than Three art galleries, a reputable auction house and half a dozen home decor stores. In spring and summer, there is also the beach: at the Bellport Marina, the ferry “Whalehouse Point” transports residents and their guests across the Great South Bay to Ho Hum, a private beach and therefore always uncrowded. of the Atlantic Ocean. Oh, and did we mention it takes an hour and a half by road or train from Bellport Village to New York?

We interviewed local designers Tricia foley, Zach Motl, and Chris Benz for their hobbies if you are a design lover who comes to town for the weekend or, let’s face it, shopping.

Interior decoration stores

Copper beech

copper beech housewares store

Michelle arcila

Thomas O’Brien and Dan Fink’s Empire of All Goodies for Home includes furniture, housewares and gifts, as well as freshly baked take-out and baked goods. The pantry contains the best olive oils, mustards, chocolates, pastas, sauces and things you never thought you needed. ” —Tricia Foley

Thos. Cornell Galleries

“Just like the opening scene of The war of the roses, Cornell Galleries regularly auctions the real estate treasures of locals on Sundays. Always worth a visit, there are a lot of finds that can be purchased locally. —Chris Benz

General Bellport

“I love having a morning bun and iced coffee on Saturday morning here. Side objects to cover your weekend needs. “—Chris Benz


The Playhouse Gateway

A locally renowned theater that presents a spectacular assortment of plays and musicals throughout the year, then transforms into one of the most legitimately heartbreaking haunted houses imaginable (read: must-see) in September and October.

The Post-Morrow Foundation

“At Brookhaven Hamlet, on Bay Road, this conservation center has a beautiful, winding path through woods and wetlands along Beaver Dam Creek, or as the elders call it, Fire Place Creek, with boardwalks and trails. places to stop and watch the sights and birds. ” —Tricia Foley

“With preservation of the land being one of their main mission statements, the Bay Road grounds in Brookhaven, which adjoin Beaver Dam (aka Valentines Brook) provide hiking trails that extend throughout the hamlet. —Zach Motl

Country farms (Medford)

“If you fancy an afternoon horseback ride, book a class with the awesome coaches at Country Farms Equestrian, just a hop and hop off Bellport Ave from the village. From school horses to lessons in polo is a real ideal place. Check the schedule for polo matches, whether outdoors in summer or indoors in winter. ” —Chris Benz

The Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center (Patchogue)

With a mission to “celebrate the power and magic of cinema as an art form and as a medium of multicultural exchange and social responsibility”, this boutique theater presents a carefully curated list of independent films in its headquarters single screen social.

Beaches & Boating

Silly Lily fishing station (Oriental Moriches)

old fishing hut with accessories

Howie guja

quayside fishing boats

Howie guja

Located directly on the bay, a few towns east of Bellport, this old-fashioned fishing post has been operating since the 1930s. Stop on a bright summer’s day to hire a dory, a motorboat from 16ft can accommodate a crew of 4-5, and take it out to the bay or beach for fishing, clam fishing or crab fishing. Sailboats, canopies, kayaks and paddle boards all available.

Ho Hum Beach

beach at sunset

Howie guja

Bellport residents and their guests can board the Whalehouse Point ferry from the town’s marina and cross the bay for ten minutes to Ho Hum Beach, where a simple concession stand and boardwalk are pretty much everything. which disrupts the wilderness of Fire Island. Walk quite east on the beach and you’ll reach Inlet, a pristine stretch of shallows where the waves are especially great for surfing.

Look at the hill (accessible by ferry from Patchogue)

“Part of the Otis Pike Wilderness Area is a stretch of Fire Island open to the public. The Fire Island National Seashore is an unspoiled stretch of beautiful sandy beaches accessible by private boat or ferry. Restaurant, bar and restrooms on site. Camping is also available on a first come, first served basis. ” —Zach Motl


Mama Farm & Early Girl Farms

wooden kitchen
B&B Mama Farm

Anita calero

A visit to the farm of Isabella Rossellini and her daughter Elettra Wiedemann includes a stop at the Early Girl Farms market and the new B&B. (I worked there with her!) Stroll through the park, which includes fields fruits and vegetables and flowers, sheep and chicken quarters, and beehives for honey production. CSA memberships are available. Live concerts, movies and cooking classes are on their website. “—Tricia Foley


Organic Garden of the Hamlet

“An old-fashioned Brookhaven Hamlet and CSA farm stand for those in the know. Open only during certain hours for ‘walk-ins’, HOG – as it is affectionately known – fills the kitchens of locals. ‘a dazzling array of vegetables, fruits, local meats, cheeses, herbs, and very special artisan items and baked goods in great demand on weekends. ” —Chris Benz

Museums and Galleries

Marquee projects

painting of two women in a gallery
“Girls 2” by Janet Maya, seen in the Marquee Projects storefront in July 2019.

Courtesy of Marquee Projects

Founded in 2017 by artists Mark Van Wagner and Tonja Pulfer, this one-room gallery regularly rotates in new works from a wonderful mix of emerging and established artists from around the world (Click here to see what is currently on display). When the weather is nice, expect the openings to spill out onto the sidewalk and include refreshments and backyard chats.

The Something Machine

large work of art on the gallery wall
“Papay Solomon. As We Are” playing at the Something Machine.

Photo: Ira Lippke. Courtesy of the artist and Something Machine.

Housed in a former body shop (next to a still-working gas station), this contemporary gallery is known for its provocative and breathtaking exhibits that are best experienced in the booming all-white space. Of their mission statement: “Our objective is to hold a mirror of contemporary life, by highlighting resolutely present works, aiming to reconcile the past and to propose a figure for the future.”

Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society

white house with green shutters
The Post-Crowell House, just restored by the BBHS.

Howie guja

“Right in the village on Bellport Lane, they host lectures, book signings, exhibits and films; the Barn Museum is full of artifacts depicting the history of Bellport and collections of photographs and furniture. The recently restored Post-Crowell, circa 1833, will be opened as a house museum at the end of the year and will be open by appointment for tours. ” —Tricia Foley

“A shameless take because I’m a board member, but we do a lot of events and conferences for the community – members or not! – which focus on the rich history of the surroundings. The Bellport Village complex is beautiful and open to all to enjoy. “—Zach Motl


Temperance Room

white house in the countryside

Courtesy of Temperance Hall

The four tidy rooms at this longtime family-run inn are just steps from town (and a large private pool open to hotel guests all summer – a reason in itself to book a stay).


Bellport Inn

white bedroom with blue accents

Doug Young

A recently renovated historic property, built around 1889, is now a boutique hotel designed for group stays. During high season, groups of 9 can book the main house, while the garden suite and cottage can accommodate 6 people; in autumn and winter single rooms are rented in all houses for stays in small groups.



The Bellport

“The place to go on Friday nights to meet friends and keep up to date with what’s going on in the city. A glass of rose, a pizza or crab cakes and roast chicken are all time favorites. —Tricia Foley

by Varney

“The fantasy of a roadside fish shack exists with Varney’s, a must-see for lobster rolls on a visit to Bellport. A treasure in any season, the daily specials are often freshly caught and always served with plenty of bread to soak. —Chris Benz

Reese 1900 (Patchogue)

“A staple since 1971 and, as it sounds, ‘an old fashioned pub.’ Thimble-sized martinis Seasonal decorations White shirts and ties Think PJ Clarke’s —Zach Motl

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