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The HighFlyer Corporate Travel Program is Singapore Airlines’ corporate travel rewards program. Some would say it’s the equivalent of KrisFlyer for business travel. For seasoned business travelers, HighFlyer is a way to maximize travel rewards as HighFlyer can be used in conjunction with KrisFlyer for individuals.

Although the HighFlyer is best used with the American Express Singapore Airlines corporate credit card, it can also be used on its own as long as you are flying via Singapore Airlines.

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HighFlyer targets registered businesses of all sizes

Unlike KrisFlyer which is aimed at individual travelers, HighFlyer is aimed at companies. To qualify for HighFlyer, you must be a registered business of any size. This means that freelancers with business registration with large multinationals can sign up for HighFlyer.

Even if your company uses travel agents or travel management companies to book your business flights. However, if your business is a travel agency, your HighFlyer membership only covers your own internal company flights and not flights booked on behalf of your customers.

HighFlyer offers 4 different membership levels for businesses ranging from small to large enterprises:

Source: Airlines to Singapore

Registration for the entry level is free, making it accessible to all businesses.

Earn HighFlyer points for flights and other benefits

As a travel rewards program, HighFlyer allows its members to earn points for flights and these points can be redeemed for rewards such as flights and other benefits. Unlike many travel rewards programs, HighFlyer points accrual is the amount of money spent on the qualifying flight instead of miles flown.

At entry level, you will earn 5 HighFlyer points for every S$1 spent on a qualifying flight with Singapore Airlines, Scoot or partner airlines (Lufthansa and SWISS). Gold and Platinum members earn a higher point earn rate of 6 HighFlyer points for every S$1 spent. Points remain valid for 3 years after the month of accumulation.

Points earned are based on the sum of the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges in Singapore dollars, excluding airport taxes and government surcharges. The sum is multiplied by the membership level accrual rate.

In addition, HighFlyer Silver, Gold and Platinum members will have access to preferential airfares. The higher the level, the better the discounted corporate rates. HighFlyer Gold and Platinum members will also have access to priority services such as reservation waiting list, airport availability and upgrades.

Which flights are eligible?

All non-discounted fares available to the public on Singapore Airlines earn HighFlyer points.

However, economy class bookings (Q, N) will only accrue at 50%. Group bookings (G), Economy Lite bookings (V, K), as well as exchange bookings in First, Business and Economy Class (I, O, X) are not eligible for rollups. Codeshare flights (e.g. 4-digit SQ flight number operated by another airline) are also not eligible for accruals.

Additionally, for HighFlyer accounts registered in Singapore (and New Zealand), the business traveler must be a KrisFlyer member to earn HighFlyer points.

Flights should be booked for business travelers

As this is a business travel rewards program, flights must be booked as a business. Either through the online business booking platform or directly via Scoot’s HighFlyer portal.

To book through a travel agency, you will first need to contact customer service to set up the process. After which you can book through your preferred travel agent for business flights.

For HighFlyer, employees must be KrisFlyer members to be registered as a Corporate Traveler. HighFlyer Silver and above do not have this requirement, but note that for accounts registered in Singapore, the business traveler must be a KrisFlyer member to earn HighFlyer points.

There is a maximum of 30 business travelers for the basic tier. The initial list of business travelers must be completed within the first month of membership. Thereafter, up to 5 changes of adding and removing business travelers can be made to the list. This does not include changes to registered business traveler details. These limitations do not apply to HighFlyer Silver and above.

HighFlyer points can be redeemed for flights

HighFlyer points can be used to offset the payment required when booking a ticket. This includes the ticket price, airport taxes and government surcharges. The full value of the ticket can be paid using the points if there are enough points accumulated.

However, they cannot be used for award flights, exchange upgrades, or mixed with cash for cabin class upgrades. However, if the ticket is not issued with points for partial payment, the traveler can use their individual KrisFlyer miles to upgrade to a higher cabin class.

It is not possible to use both the company’s HighFlyer points and the traveler’s personal KrisFlyer miles to purchase tickets on the corporate booking platform.

The minimum number of points that can be used is 1,050 per transaction (equivalent to a value of $10).

Additionally, points can be used to pay for additional baggage, seat selection and cabin class upgrades or to redeem airline e-vouchers for travel on selected partner airlines (i.e. Scoot and Lufthansa). They can also be used to redeem Changi Airport lounge passes.

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Business travelers also earn KrisFlyer miles as individuals

One of the benefits of HighFlyer is that in addition to earning points for business flights, the same flights also allow the business traveler to earn KrisFlyer miles as an individual. For a self-employed person who registers with HighFlyer, it effectively helps you earn bonus KrisFlyer miles which go towards your personal travel rewards.

Additionally, HighFlyer points earned can also be converted into KrisFlyer miles at the rate of 1 HighFlyer point for every 1 KrisFlyer mile.

This makes HighFlyer even more appealing to small businesses and freelancers, as they can use corporate travel rewards to maximize their personal travel rewards.

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