Guide to the best Christmas markets in Europe



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Croft magazine // The tastes and smells of the best markets in the region are a stone’s throw away.

Vienna and Salzburg

Perched in the Alps, Salzburg is undoubtedly the capital of winter. Below, Vienna is a capital that once ruled a vast empire and now rules a country the size of Clifton. Its elegant cafes are a cozy cocoon, and its vast market on the steps of the town hall is a center in the ocean of palaces. Be aware that the new coronavirus lockdown in Austria may affect your plans.


Princes Street Gardens are filled with a lighted wheel and a multitude of food stalls, with the smell of roasted chestnuts filling the surrounding streets. With the South Approved Main Market (Bath) canceled due to understaffing, Edinburgh is your only suitable option in the UK this year.

Strasbourg and Basel

The European capital is home to Christkindelsmärik – one of the most famous and oldest Christmas markets in the world – welcoming more than two million people arriving by TGV for a total of 16 million euros. Nearby, on the tripoint, Basel has one of the largest markets in Switzerland.


Home of Stollen cake, this town is home to a market full of stuff. The Stollen was first baked for the Council of Trent in 1545, but documents show that it was made here as early as 1474. The official Stollen can only be baked by 110 local bakers, distinguished by a seal depicting the King Augustus II the Strong.



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