Hikers stuck on Treat Farm Trail, Michigan firefighters say



Two hikers were stuck on a dune near the Treat Farm Trail in Michigan on April 23. Firefighters had to rappel 200 feet to rescue individuals using harnesses to help them back up.

Screenshot of the Glen Lake Fire Department Facebook post.

Two people trapped while hiking on a dune in Michigan have been rescued by firefighters, authorities said.

On Saturday April 23, two hikers on the Treat Farm Trail, about 150 miles north of Grand Rapids, were “steep” – meaning they could neither climb nor descend – on the face of the dunes, according to the Glen Lake Fire Department.

Firefighters said the hikers got stuck halfway between two trails.

National Park Service firefighters and rangers abseiled 200 feet to reach the two individuals, then fitted them with harnesses to help them climb back up the dune, according to a news release.

Authorities said rescuers and hikers reached the top of the dune without injury.

Dune rescues become more common during the summer as climbers feel dehydrated or fatigued more quickly, firefighters said, adding that rescues involving ropes and technical equipment are much rarer.

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