How to receive a package in a campground (7 ways)


Are you trying to figure out how to receive a package at a campsite? Whether you’re a full-time RVer or just going camping, getting mail on the road can be a challenge. But luckily it’s now easier than ever with general delivery, virtual mailboxes, mail forwarding, and more…

Jennifer and I are on the road about three-quarters of the year, often moving from place to place. So we had to learn how to receive a package at a campsite in many different places.

Receiving standard mail is one thing, but receiving a package while camping can be a whole other problem. It’s not like junk mail that can wait for you to return or small envelopes that can be easily forwarded or virtually sent.

I have another article on How to Handle Mail in VR: Short and Long Term which discusses mail in general. In this article, I will focus on packages and larger packages.

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How to receive a package at a campground

Thanks to technology and more people ordering online than ever before, there are plenty of shipping options to choose from when you’re on the road.

I’ll share the messaging services we use, as well as what our RV Lifestyle Facebook group members recommend (you can see the complete publication on Facebook here.)

1. Campground or RV park office

Sometimes campgrounds allow mail to be delivered to their camp office. All you need is their approval and their office mailing address. In some cases, the office manager will ask you to provide your site number for more direct delivery.

Just be sure to call ahead and check with them first. Their willingness may depend on the number and size of packages, as well as the frequency of deliveries. Naturally, they don’t want to act as a personal post office, but most don’t mind the occasional delivery.

If you only need to receive one package and are staying temporarily, I suggest you try this method first. It’s the easiest and most convenient option… and it’s often free. However, additional charges for this service are not unknown.

2. Anytime Mailbox

How to receive a package at a campsite (7 ways) 1

Anytime Mailbox is a virtual mailbox and mail forwarding service that Jennifer and I use. It is an application that transforms your physical mail into a scanned format. It then places it in your own personal virtual mailbox.

When setting up your Anytime mailbox, you choose a physical location where your mail can be received. There are over 675 locations to choose from across the United States. This location can be in your hometown or across the country – you choose!

Often the location address is a mail business center or “cowork” location authorized by the US Postal Service to receive and scan your postal mail and packages. Packages (and any mail) can then be kept or forwarded to wherever you want with just the push of a few buttons (i.e. your campground office).

Plans start at as low as $9.99 per month when you register.

3. Escapees RV Club

How to receive a package at a campsite (7 ways) 2

Some part-time and full-time RVers use the Escape Mail service as an alternative to the anytime mailbox. The biggest difference being that Escapees only offers annual plans, not monthly.

When you subscribe, you get a single mailing address in Texas, South Dakota, or Florida. Then you give that address to anyone who sends mail or packages to you by US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

Escapees receives and stores your mail (including parcels, certified mail and registered mail) for you. When you’re ready to have your mail forwarded, just call, email, or send them online instructions with where you want them to send it.

Annual plans start at just $95.

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How to receive a package at a campsite (7 ways) 3
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4. PO box

If you are traveling in an RV in an area for an extended period of time, you may want to hire a local PO box. It’s easy to rent a post office box online via the USPS website. All you have to do is register and pay online, then collect your keys in person when you arrive.

In addition to the local federally run post office, you can sometimes rent a post office box from a local UPS store, Fed Ex store, or private local postal services.

5. USPS General Delivery Mail

How to receive a package at a campsite

The United States Post Office also offers a general delivery service for those without a permanent address, such as RVers! They even describe it as “a participating post office to serve transients (people who travel a lot) and those who do not have a permanent address”.

General delivery does not require an application. You just need to speak with the local postmaster as they determine if and how long you can use it.

6. Amazon Locker

With all our Amazon VR Shopping Listsyou know jennifer and i use amazon a lot! Who doesn’t these days? !

As masters of delivery, Amazon often offers “Amazon Locker Pickup” at thousands of locations across the United States. So instead of shipping to a physical address at your current location, you can have them ship your Amazon packages to a locker in your area.

These lockers are located most often in metropolitan areas. So they may not always be nearby when you’re camping, but they can often be “on the way” to your destination. Since Amazon orders usually provide a specific arrival date, you can schedule your delivery and pickup based on your itinerary.

7. Send to a family member or friend

If you are in no rush to receive your package and don’t mind asking for a favor, you can always ask a family member or friend. They can become your own personal mail forwarder or maybe just keep it there until you see them next.

This is usually the best option if you are only going away for a short time or are driving to your loved one’s home in a motorhome for a visit. Remember it’s a good idea to check with them that you can ship something to them. Plus, you want to make sure they’ll be home to receive it before the Porch Pirates can get to it!

How do you manage your mail and parcels?

Let us know in the comments or on social media. And now that you’ve gotten your mail, where do you go next?

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