Live COVID Updates: New South Wales and Victoria Roll Back Certain Coronavirus Restrictions


ABC Analyst Casey briggs just appeared on News Breakfast and told us how Australia compares to other countries in terms of COVID vaccination rates at the first dose.

Mr. Briggs: “For a very long time, we were at the bottom of the pack of rich countries in terms of vaccination coverage. go up slowly. “

“These are the countries with more than 500,000 inhabitants … and their partial vaccination rates.

“Of the entire population, the The UAE, Portugal, Malta and Spain are currently at the top of this list. Singapore who really is [starting] take big steps to open up, not without a rocky path as well but definitely on its course.

“Denmark, a country that a lot of people look at as an example, and Canada, and we continue however, through the 1920s we got into the 1930s – Fiji way ahead of us, the United States with 63 , 4 percent percent.

We are seated at 49 in this list.

60.9% of our total population with a first dose and which includes children, just to make it easier to compare across the board. We climb because Australia has one of the first fastest dosage rates in the world today.

“Really, it’s Cuba, Cambodia, Iran, they are ahead of us. Not really other countries except a few small ones ahead of us at this speed.

“Little by little, slowly, we’re moving up from 49th to higher numbers and rates, but, you know, it takes time because we’re trying to immunize our whole country. “


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