Longtime Dynamic Travel & Cruises Owner in Southlake Focuses on Guest Experience


Steve Cosgrove opened Dynamic Travel & Cruises in Southlake in 1983 (Bailey Lewis / Community Impact Newspaper)

In the early 1980s, the only businesses in Southlake were McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Walmart and Dynamic Travel & Cruises, according to Steve Cosgrove, president of the travel agency.

At that time, Dynamic Travel & Cruises was sitting on the highway. 114 at the single red light, Cosgrove said.

The idea of ​​opening a travel agency came almost naturally to Cosgrove as he had worked for Frontier Airlines for several years until 1981. Two years later he opened Dynamic Travel & Cruises.

Later, in 1998, Cosgrove decided he wanted to buy land and build his own building, which led the agency to its current location, further west on Southlake Boulevard. At first, Cosgrove said the agency focused on business travel but turned to leisure.

When it comes to helping people plan their trips, Cosgrove said their goal is to help every customer choose the “best possible experience.” Sometimes that means suggesting different ideas than what the client came up with.


For example, Cosgrove said he had a client who was trying to plan a trip to Europe for his son, who had just graduated from high school. But Cosgrove said the client’s initial two-week travel plan “was a hell of a trip” as the client planned for him and his son to travel to a different European city every day. Cosgrove revised the plan by spreading it out and allowing more time.

“We will try to redirect you,” Cosgrove said. “It’s more about the experience you want to have there. “

The Dynamic Travel & Cruises office has a space for travel agents and a store on the other side. The store sells just about anything you can imagine related to travel. Many articles are either on the topic of different places or on different airlines. Cosgrove said there is a strategic method behind the store.

“Let’s say you’re going to send mom and dad to Hawaii,” Cosgrove said. “And so you come here and you book your trip to Hawaii, and then you go next… we have Hawaii socks, planes.” You can make it into a kind of bundle.

Cosgrove said it has temporarily shut down the business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now Dynamic Travel & Cruises is booming.

“We are doing better now than in 2019 before the pandemic,” Cosgrove said. “There is a lot of pent-up demand, and people are spending money to buy cooler stuff.”

Dynamic Travel & Cruises – 2325 E. Southlake Blvd., Southlake | 817-481-8631 | www.dynamictravel.com Hours: Mon-Sat 9 am-6pm, Sun noon-5pm


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