Los Angeles Dodgers fans celebrate Earth Day with a hike to the iconic Hollywood sign; Pep Rally held at Griffith Park

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Dodgers fans held an early morning cheer rally of sorts in preparation for a fan hike to the iconic Hollywood sign as part of an Earth Day celebration.

The group known as the Dodger Blue Hiking Crew flooded Griffith Park on Saturday in a sea of ​​blue.

“We haven’t had a hike in three years. So this will be the first hike…we’ll see if we do well, we haven’t been here in a long time,” Carlos said. Berruz. “It’s going to be nice to see faces I haven’t seen in three years.”

Fans enjoyed each other and shared their love of the Dodgers while surrounded by greenery as part of Earth Day celebrations.

“Everybody’s family. Everybody hangs out with everybody,” Lorraine Metz said. “Everyone loves each other.”

It was also an opportunity for fans to come together to celebrate some of the team’s ups and downs over the past three years.

And on the west side of Griffith Park in Fern Dell, volunteers planted ferns for Earth Day.

Over a hundred volunteers, shovels in hand, fanned out to plant ferns along a creek.

For Julie Drake, the park has provided a haven during lockdown and new friendships.

“I just wanted to make our own neighborhood and our community a beautiful place for people to be,” Drake said.

“We actually know each other by walking every morning. It started when the lockdown started,” Koschka Bahr said. “This is the first time we have come together in person close and without a mask.”

“All of this will require real changes in our habits, whether it’s composting our organic waste, trying to drive less, its hard work,” said Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nithya Raman. “You need this kind of community event to get people excited about the mission and to really focus them on the future that we can have.”

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