Man found guilty of stealing 10,000 euros sentenced to fine and community service


A man convicted of stealing 10,000 euros (162,114 MVR) from a tourist has his sentence reduced after confessing to the crime.

The prison sentence has been reduced to a man found guilty of stealing 10,000 euros (162,114 MVR) from a tourist flying out of Kooddoo airport last year. Four men were accused of stealing money from the tourist’s luggage.

Ali Saeed of Seenu Feydhoo was accused of stealing EUR 10,000 from the luggage of a German tourist departing from the Maldives, after their stay at Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Resort in 2021. He was accused of opening the luggage and stole the money while transporting luggage to the airport.

When the state filed charges, Ali pleaded guilty to the crime and said he returned all of the money to the police. Since he had confessed, the state asked that he be sentenced to one year and 12 days, as provided for in the penal code, and that he deduct from his sentence the time he had been in prison. detention during the trial. However, Ali had asked for the minimum sentence, citing that he earned his income from fishing and also had a sick child to look after.

Ali had reached a plea agreement with the court. Although the agreement was not submitted with the charges against him, it is clear that an agreement was reached between the two parties.

Judge Hussain Faiz Rashad, who presided over the case, decided to reduce the sentence, saying Ali confessed to the crime before the trial began. He had also said that Ali had been remanded in custody for 10 days and that the state had not objected to Ali’s request for a lighter sentence.

Moreover, Ali has never been convicted of a criminal offense and since there has been no criminal record for 13 years, the judge said that the best way forward was to give him the opportunity to benefit from the community.

Therefore, the judge decided to change the sentence from nine months and seven days in jail to a fine of 37,400 MVR and the remaining three months in jail to 480 hours of community service. The award stipulates that the fine must be paid to the Maldives Interior Authority (MIRA) within five months from June 23.


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