MHS Marching Band Climb Mountain, Scoring “Top” in State Finals


There is something special to come out at the top.

Just ask the director of the Marysville Marching Band, Bill Thissen.

After announcing his retirement as conductor for Marysville High School at the end of the school season, Mr. Thissen scrolled through several grueling competition rounds and hundreds of hours of practice to earn a spot for the finals. Ohio State Music Educators Association. , which took place Sunday at Welcome Stadium in Dayton.

After the Monarch Marching Band wrapped up its eight-minute, Latin-themed routine – the Monarchs were the last group to perform that day and didn’t take to the pitch until 8:45 p.m. Sunday – a group of judges got together to assess everything from the quality of the music, the march, the uniforms and the drum lines of every marching band out there. Here the judges, taking into account all the factors, assigned one of four marks to each band: 1 for “Superior”, 2 for “Excellent”, 3 for “Good” and 4 for “Fair” (technically , it’s a 5 for “Poor,” but poor performing groups are not invited to state finals.)

Considering the keen eyes and sour faces of most of the judges, groups that are rated “Excellent” are cause for celebration as it is no small feat to earn such an accolade.

But the Marysville Marching Band went further. The Marching Monarchs received 1s across the board, ending up being rated “superior” for their musicianship, marching skills, and all of the other aspects that come into play in the National Finals.

With that, while Marysville High School can’t exactly claim to have the best marching band in the state, it can say with certainty that there isn’t a better one. “Superior” has a nice sound.

Way to go out, Mr. Thissen.


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