Missing teen hikers hauled to safety by coast guard


19-year-olds found near Swastika Mountain in Lane County

Two teenagers were taken to safety by the US Coast Guard after they were reported missing near Swastika Mountain on January 1, 2022 (US Coast Guard)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Two teenage boys, who didn’t return as planned after hiking / camping in the Lane County mountains, did whatever it took and were hoisted up to rescue by the US Coast Guard on New Years day.

The two 19-year-olds camped and hiked near Swastika Mountain around Christmas Day and were due December 29, Coast Guard officials said on Saturday. They were reported missing on New Years Eve, and Lane County researchers immediately began searching.

But heavy snowfall in recent days has blanketed the mountains, so Lane County officials (through the Oregon Emergency Management Office) have asked the Coast Guard to search by helicopter.

Not only did the Coast Guard find the couple – whose names have not been released – they also spotted 2 other people who needed help and told Lane County researchers where they were.

The teens, who showed no medical issues, did a lot of good things to help themselves be found, said Lt. Maggie Champin, MH-65 aircraft commander for the guard sector. coastal North Bend.

“By writing ‘SOS’ in the snow, staying close to their vehicle and staying close to forest paths, we were able to find them quite quickly,” said Champin. “We recommend hikers to wear personal locator beacons when out in the backcountry.”


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