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It’s july – Today is the first day of July, named after Julius Caesar at the time of his assassination in 44 BC. Before that, the month was called Quintilis. In addition to being today at the beginning of July, it is also the beginning of the second half of the year. Expect the month to be particularly hot and rainy. [Capital Weather Gang]

New Virginia bicycle law now in effect – “A new state law requires motorists to change lanes when passing a cyclist, if the lane is not wide enough to allow a distance of 3 feet between the motor vehicle and the bicycle. The law in force allowed, but did not oblige, a motorist to take the other lane when passing a cyclist in order to ensure a distance of at least 3 feet. [Sun Gazette]

RCR battle ACFD – “Rookie class 80 was certified in CPR yesterday. The recruits competed in partner CPR races. The top rookie team faced the FTA Cadre in a final race. Watch to find out who won! Our mannequins give live feedback on the quality of compressions and ventilations. [Instagram]

ACPD’s LGBTQ + Awareness – “The unit provides educational outreach to the LGBTQ community on issues of concern to them, including the types of crimes some LGBTQ people experience. Among those issues, he said, are same-sex domestic violence and online dating scams in which criminals pose as a potential dating partner to gain access to a homosexual’s home, where they steal and sometimes assault the unsuspecting victim. Penn said he was not aware of any anti-LGBTQ hate crimes that have allegedly taken place in Arlington in recent years. [Washington Blade]

CPRO gets donation from Amazon – “The Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (CPRO) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Amazon. To kick off this partnership, CPRO received a generous donation of $ 25,000 from Amazon this month to support three of its upcoming events: the recent Columbia Pike Blues Weekend, the upcoming Columbia Pike Drive-In Movie Nights and the Celebration of CPRO’s 35th anniversary in October. ” [Press Release]

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