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The Mount St. Helens Hiking Club usually organizes several hikes each month. Anyone interested in hiking is welcome.

Due to the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic, all activities will only take place if the manager deems it safe to do so on the date of the hike and hike groups may be limited at the discretion of the responsible for the hike. Future hikers are urged to always be safe, protect themselves and be respectful of others during the pandemic.

For more details and the meeting place for carpooling, contact the listed hike manager or visit It is always necessary to call the leader to register for the hikes. Return times are approximate.

January 5: Lac Sacajawea (easy, 9 am-12pm); walk around the entire lake (3+ miles) or walk around half the lake (1+ miles). Art M.: 360-270-9991.

January 8: Coldwater Ridge (moderate / snowshoes, 8 am-4pm): travel 12 miles round trip, snowshoe 7 miles with a 1,000-foot elevation gain on an out-and-back hike; open ground and untraced snow. Georges: 360-430-4157.

January 12: Lucia / Moulton Falls (easy, 9 am-3pm); hike 100 miles round trip, hike 4-6 miles on a flat path with views of the river and waterfalls. John R.: 360-431-1122.

22 january: Trillium Lake Sno-Park (snowshoes / cross-country skiing, 8 am-4pm); hike 196 miles round trip, snowshoe or cross-country ski 4.5 miles mostly flat on a ground trail around scenic Trillium Lake. Drivers need a Sno-Park pass. Bruce: 360-425-0256; Dory N .: 213-820-1014.

January 26: Fort to Sea / Sea to Fort “Key Pass” hike (moderate, 9 am-4pm); drive 114 miles round trip to Fort Clatsop near Astoria; hike 6.5 miles one way 9 total hike distance) with 900ft elevation gain. Mandatory parking card. Maximum eight participants; all participants should be vaccinated. Bill D.: 503-260-6712.


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