Mumbai ranked 14th for nightlife and community spirit


Recent results revealed by the Time Out survey crowned Edinburgh as the best city in the world. The survey which takes into account thousands of votes has compiled a list of the 53 best cities in the world with Mumbai ranked 14th. Edinburgh was followed by Chicago, Medellín, Glasgow and Amsterdam.

Mumbai was ranked 14th after the Austrian city of Melbourne “for its nightlife and community spirit”. The American city of New York found itself much less well ranked in 20th position. The magazine made the list which included the “best cities” with “thriving nightlife, amazing food and drink, and art, culture and museums galore”.

He added: “We’ve highlighted places that aren’t boring, overpriced or overrated, and made sure our top picks also score well for practical things like walking, good transportation by commonality and safety, as well as sustainability.”

The reason why Mumbai is ranked 14th, according to the article, is because of its “glitzy film industry corporate giants” who call the city home. He added, “With the ever-bustling food and nightlife scenes, Mumbai offers space for those who dream big. Pandemic or not, the spirit of the city is defined by the way its citizens bond in times of celebration and in times of crisis. From helping those in need to creating opportunities for those who dare to try, this city attracts people like bees to honey. And the nightlife doesn’t just stop at the clubs: good food can be found 24/7, with a front-row seat by the bay if you wish.

The article was keen to mention the ever-changing dining experiences the city is experiencing. “Lately, the city seems hit with Japanese flavors,” its editors wrote, adding, “With chic new restaurants including Akina, Koishii, Wakai and, the current talk of the town, Bollywood stalwart Neuma, Karan Johar.”

The top 10 cities to make the cut are: Edinburgh, Chicago, Medellín, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Prague, Marrakech, Berlin, Montreal, Copenhagen.

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