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In June 2020, Adam and I launched the final leg of our NH48 adventure, our quest to hike the 48 4000ft peaks of New Hampshire. After the Covid lockdown we were excited to hike in a different state, and on June 15th we started early and went to the Greeley Ponds trailhead in Lincoln.

The second Greely Pond sparkles in the early morning light.

Both Mount Osceola and East Osceola offer unique views of the magnificent Pemigewasset wilderness and surrounding mountains. Osceola has stunning views; East Osceola is wooded, but we found the trail between the peaks to have many lookouts.

Wild pemi.jpg

One of the views of the Pemi Wilderness on the way to East Osceola.

Who doesn’t love a stone fireplace? There is also a stone fireplace between the peaks, and for this reason we did not bring our dog Yadi. While I like a steep and spooky chimney descent, Yadi doesn’t like it.

rock fireplace.jpg

If you’ve read this column before …you know i think it’s necessary to walk at least as long as we drove by car so we needed at least five hours on the trail. I dug a bit in line and found a 15 mile loop that got us to see all the attractions and spend a lot of time on the trails!

The loop took us past Greeley Ponds, nestled under the mountain peaks. The photos I took are some of my favorites. It got us to the expansive summit of Mt Osceola, down the chimney, and up to East Osceola.


Why visit wild places? If you’ve never seen a vast expanse of wilderness before, you should! The “Pemi” wilderness includes some of New Hampshire’s most beautiful peaks, streams and climbs. it’s a wild feeling to know that your feet have walked all this land.

Bugs, on the other hand …The last part of the trail was a steep, wet run over a rocky, root filled path. We slid, slid and laughed until our feet touched the smooth floor. I kicked off my shoes for a quick dip in a chatty stream, but the buzz of the bugs almost ruined the fun of the cool water. They would have eaten me alive if I stopped any longer!


The path less traveled: When you go hiking, don’t be afraid to look for ways to enjoy a longer, more interesting outing. Often the road less traveled is really filled with unexpected adventures!

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