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“I would say that of everything, every perspective I have had, every person I have met, every moment on the track, the time I spent with Dan has been one of the greatest things that have happened to me, “he said. “It’s like my life with Parkinson’s has its own top 10. So I would definitely say this is an important time for me with my post-Parkinson’s diagnosis.”

Take the Appalachian Trail

Vilardebo remains determined to stay active and train, that’s where Rock Steady Boxing comes in. It’s boxing that allows people to fight, literally and physically. Vilardebo is a new fan of non-contact fitness boxing lessons. Since April, he’s been adding boxing to his diet with plans to get back in shape, lose more weight and tackle the Appalachian Trail again this fall. This time he’s going alone.

The goal is to start at the Appalachian Trail Southern Terminus in Gilmer County, Ga. To cover the Georgian section of the trail in nine days. The preparation will however be different this time around. Pacing and hiking with weight are top priorities, and a recent anniversary hike to Mount Mitchell – the highest elevation east of the Mississippi – served as practice. He hiked the ridge of Mount Mitchell in four hours, driving to the top and climbing the peaks.

“I was really proud of it and was able to raise several hundred dollars for the Parkinson Foundation,” said Vilardebo.



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