Petting zoo with macaw parrots opens in Banská Bystrica


A petting zoo with macaws has opened in Banská Bystrica.

They sit on the shoulders of visitors, eat from their hands and are not afraid of being petted.

A rare species of exotic bird living at the Arakovo Children’s Zoo in the town of Banská Bystrica has become the latest tourist attraction in central Slovakia.

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“You could even say that they are in love with people,” Jozef PoniÅ¡t of the zoo said of the parrots, quoted by the MY Banská Bystrica website.

The zoo, which is located in Point Mall, looks after several different macaws, including blue and yellow macaw, military macaw, scarlet macaw, green-winged macaw, hyacinth macaw, and a white cockatoo.

Some of these macaws are an endangered species, for example only 90 blue-throated macaws live in the wild.

Many parrots, many personalities

Each bird has a name and, surprisingly, each is a character.

“While Lujza loves to kiss, Terka loves to have her ear scratched, Hektor loves pimples and Lora loves to have her wings stroked,” Poništ added for MY Banská Bystrica.

An macaw can be easily offended, he added, and it demands an apology. However, Jack Sparrow is said to be a calm, laid-back parrot who rarely takes offense.

“And of course, like any animal, macaws expect you to have something good to eat,” PoniÅ¡t noted.

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