Pokemon Legends Arceus’ next Noble Pokemon potentially ‘leaked’


The next Noble Pokemon from Pokemon Legends Arceus may have been discovered by fans. According to a possible new leak, the mysterious climbing figure has been revealed.

In February 2021, internal documents on Pokemon Legends Arceus leaked online ahead of its official announcement. While most of the footage has since been revealed to be Noble Pokemon Wyrdeer and Hisuian Braviary, a “climbing” character has remained a mystery – until now, allegedly.

According to a prominent insider, the Hisui area climbing mount was discovered with precision by fans working together. Will the Fourth Noble really be based on a popular evolution line from Johto? Here’s everything we know about the latest rumor about Game Freak’s 2022 project.


Pokemon Legends is said to have a new evolution of Noble Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Climbing Noble “Leak”

In September, a news dump of the famous Chinese Riddler leaker was posted online. The account posted a collage of images that were meant to refer to the next Pokémon that would be featured in Legends Arceus. On the r / PokeLeaks forum, Korean fans have banded together to try and crack the code.

On October 24, Pokemon insider Eclipse announced that players had discovered the leak and revealed that the fourth Noble Pokemon (AKA the mysterious “my climber”) would actually be a new form of the Sneasel and Weavile line of the generation II. “The riddle refers to the Sneasel line,” he posted on social media.

According to Eclipse, the collage image referred to an old manga called “Esper Mami” which features a weasel. He then tweeted, “Props to some folks in the Korean Poke community who actually fixed this issue to allude to Sneasel / Weavile. After the reveal, I’ll explain this riddle in more detail and why this is the Climbing Pokémon seen in the leaked slide.

Interestingly, another ‘Ball Guy Leaks’ leaker claimed that the mysterious Climbing Pokémon would be a further evolution of Sneasel a few days earlier, on October 18. “The Climbing Pokémon seen in the ancient Legends Arceus leak is the new evolution of Sneavile,” they wrote.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a big grain of salt. It’s interesting, however, given that all recent leaks come from the infamous Chinese Riddler, who has a proven track record of early revealing things. The account even managed to leak Hisuian Zorua and Hisuian Zoroark weeks before their official trailer.

Only time will tell if all of these rumors eventually spread. Still, it seems that many fans take the cryptic clues seriously and work together to try and decipher them.

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