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Rab Zenith waterproof jacket

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Our opinion

For active use that demands excellent breathability, this is a waterproof jacket that really does it all

Breathable comfort; adjust; active use; range adjustment; transversality

The inconvenients:
Fit may not be suitable for all mountain biking situations; expensive, but with Gore-Tex performance

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The mountain heritage of the Rab brand shines through in this waterproof jacket that will suit you perfectly for all active outdoor uses.

The carefully thought-out features of this jacket will suit a range of outdoor uses.

The long, easy-to-access front pockets are designed to work with a climbing harness, but also with a bicycle backpack.

They also double as vents, if you need them to cool off.

Long zippers can be opened in hot weather and fully sealed in exposed conditions.

The front pockets of the Zenith are easy to access.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

The hood is very versatile, designed to fit over a climbing helmet, with a wired visor and offering a wide range of adjustment.

When not in use, it folds up efficiently enough that it won’t be noticed.

Longer than a dedicated riding jacket, the drawstrings can be pulled for a tight fit.

Rab Zenith waterproof jacket for trail mountain biking

Drawcords can be adjusted for a sealed fit.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

The Gore-Tex Paclite Plus material is a 2.5-layer construction with a smooth, durable handle that’s comfortable enough to be worn against the skin and lightweight.

To find the right jacket size for your body type, please consult each manufacturer’s size guides and be fitted with key measurements such as chest diameter, arm length, and height.

Our male tester requested a jacket to fit his 184cm / 6ft height, 96.5cm / 38inch chest, and 86.3cm / 34inch sleeves.

Rab Zenith waterproof jacket performance

Multifunctional jackets can be difficult to fit properly, as what works for walking and climbing can make a style that is too long and bulky for cycling.

Rab, however, succeeded. Anyone looking for a jacket that does it all won’t find too many compromises here.

Rab Zenith waterproof jacket for trail mountain biking

Freedom of movement is suitable for horseback riding, climbing and walking.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

The fit is long enough to be completely protective when walking, but it’s neat enough that there isn’t too much length in the front to be restrictive when you’re on the bike.

The freedom of movement across the shoulders that has been allowed for climbing without pulling the body out of the jacket translates to the same on the bike.

If I was picky I would point out that the sleeves go up slightly at full extension on the bars, but not enough to be uncomfortable.

I chose to wear the hood under a helmet and the range of adjustment, including the wired visor, made it very easy to get the right fit without restricting movement or peripheral vision.

Rab Zenith waterproof jacket for trail mountain biking

A wired visor and easy adjustment allow for a comfortable fit over a helmet.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

I adjusted the collar lower for riding and tucked everything in to hide behind on rainy and windy days, enjoying the range of adjustment.

I rode in this jacket in a wide range of wet conditions, from permanent haze on a Scottish mountain to milder temperatures (12-14 ℃) but resulting in side rain.

It has never disappointed in terms of comfort.

The breathability of the material is probably the best I have used. Even though the jacket can be further ventilated with zippers and through the front pockets, I never had to use them.

Rab Zenith waterproof jacket for trail mountain biking

The sleeves may go up slightly at full extension, but this is not a major problem.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

It beads well, does not get wet and after a quick shake to remove excess water, also dries quickly.

The Zenith is a higher budget item, but for a complete Gore-Tex jacket and versatile enough to be worn in a wide range of active uses, it pays off in terms of practical versatility.

Rab Zenith waterproof jacket bottom

All in all, a great all-rounder that really does it all, and it’s worth noting that Rab offers a DWR wash and re-waterproofing service to maintain waterproof and breathable performance.


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