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With a 32-year history in South Australia, SeaLink has proudly taken a community milestone, distributing over $ 4 million in community support, sponsorships and travel, with another year of finalized sponsorships for over 25 community organizations. and sports of Kangaroo Island.

During the devastating bushfires on Kangaroo Island in December 2019 and January 2020, SeaLink provided an assistance program worth over $ 750,000, providing immediate support to the local community. This included a financial donation of $ 200,000 to the KI Mayoral Relief Fund, SeaLink staff in Australia contributing an additional $ 12,000, in addition to travel allowances for families and businesses, and over $ 200,000 in sponsored travel for the movement of donations, essential and emergency. Provisions.

Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister David Basham praised the support to the Kangaroo Island community provided by SeaLink.

“The Kangaroo Island community has come through these particularly difficult recent years, first with the devastating bushfires and then the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Minister Basham.

“This milestone for SeaLink is a fantastic achievement and has seen over 20 community organizations receive much appreciated support.”

Clint Feuerherdt, CEO of SeaLink Travel Group, said there are many sponsorships in place that people may be aware of, such as the SeaLink Kangaroo Island Racing Carnival and the SeaLink Travel Group Carols by Candlelight held at Elder Park, but there are also many other practical bases. sponsorships that we are very proud to support.

“We sponsor programs such as Kangaroo Island & Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch, a volunteer-run island citizen science program that provides valuable data on the dolphin population that lives and breeds in the waters around KI and Victor Harbor.” , did he declare.

Other sponsored environmental programs include Trees For Life, which supports the restoration of affected areas around Kangaroo Island that were devastated by the black summer bushfires of 2019/20.

“We are also sponsoring the seed conservation teams at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens State Herbarium Seed Center to undertake essential work to protect some of Kangaroo Island’s most valuable flora, protecting thus plant species threatened with extinction.

“We are thrilled to be a part of local sponsorships that make a real difference to the community, including helping to organize expensive events that are tourism and economic assets and help increase visits to Kangaroo Island and South Australia. .

Mark Turner, President of the Kangaroo Island Racing Club, said: “SeaLink has been a full sponsor of the racing club for over 20 years, which has helped the club evolve the carnival until it is today the only running club in South Africa outside of Morphettville to host a 2 day carnival.

“SeaLink not only injects cash sponsorship each year, but provides 500 meters of deck space to alleviate costs for trainers and owners for free, resulting in a record 267 nominations of horses wishing to participate in this year’s carnival. Without this support, the carnival could not survive.

“It’s great to see the island so vibrant when big events take place, but we are equally proud to support local community groups and local sports associations that need help, ensuring that the island’s children and young athletes are involved. in sports like football and cricket, ”he said.

SeaLink will also help support the inaugural New Shoots music festival in November this year, the KI Wildlife Festival in October, the KI Marathon and the Wildroo Ultra Marathon.

Catherine Tydeman, secretary of the Kangaroo Island Football League, said: “In many regional and remote places, national sport is under threat. While many domestic leagues are threatened with closure because they cannot fill teams to play sports with people on the move and young people leaving rural areas, the Kangaroo Island Football League is defying the trends.

“One of the main factors in our survival is the SeaLink sponsorship we receive. When our clubs can bring buddies, former players, young people who work or study away from home and new players to the island for several weeks or even just one – that means our games can be played out with numbers. complete!

“SeaLink is more than a business for us and our soccer family – SeaLink is a true local that supports us and ensures that we can continue to enjoy our beloved winter sport.”

Mr. Feuerherdt said that being a proud company from South Australia, SeaLink is passionate about supporting local communities.

“We are part of the community and we hope that the support we can give to these organizations, large and small, will help Kangaroo Island continue to thrive,” he said.

For more information on SeaLink’s community support programs, visit sealink / community-support /

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