‘Snow monsters’ thrill climbers on Mount Hyonosen in western Japan


The “snow monster” tree formations on Mount Hyonosen in western Japan, which straddles Hyogo and Tottori prefectures, are thrilling climbers.

Climbers watch giant “snow monsters” in the morning sun on Mount Hyonosen on the border between Hyogo and Tottori prefectures on February 13, 2022. (Mainichi/Daiki Takikawa)

Icy creations should appear in their most spectacular form until the beginning of March, although this may differ depending on weather and snowfall.

Mount Hyonosen, whose peak rises to 1,510 meters above sea level, is one of the few places where you can see snow monsters in western Japan. According to the Hibikinomori Visitor Center, located at the foot of the Tottori Prefecture side, very cold mist and cloud particles have started to freeze on trees such as Japanese cedar near the summit. from the mountain around the beginning of November last year. , and gradually formed the ice monsters. There are apparently more chances to see the cool creations than usual as there is more snowfall this season.

Meanwhile, there have been several rock climbing accidents in the area this year. Ryo Sasaki, a public relations representative at the Hibikinomori Visitor Center, urges people to submit a climbing notification, prepare equipment well, and start climbing early in the morning.

(Japanese original by Daiki Takikawa, Osaka Photo Department)

In photos: The ‘snow monsters’ on Mount Hyonosen in western Japan at their most spectacular


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