Swiss tourists climb Mount Kilimanjaro to collect 700m/-


Compassion International Tanzania (CIT) Director Mary Lema said this Monday at the Machame Gate of Mount Kilimanjaro during the launch of the rock climbing exercise.

Lema said the acquisition of the funds, which was made possible through donations in Switzerland, was made possible by CIT, Compassion International Switzerland and Muskathlon Switzerland.

She said the goal of Muskathlon 2022, a global movement whose vision is to uphold the rights of the oppressed to build faith and health, was to raise $260,000 to spend on maternal services and to the child, in facilities working with Compassion Tanzania in 21 regions. from the northern and southern regions, mainland Tanzania.

“So far, over $300,000 has been raised, which is above the target. Among the targeted services will be put in place to help needy families with health, education,” Lema said.

The Swedish visitors also visited and spoke with sponsored children in some of the centers affiliated with Compassion International Tanzania.

Lema said the 26 visitors who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to the top will also stay in the country for 10 days and visit other tourist attractions and contribute to the national income through industry.

The official noted that since the start of fundraising 6 years ago, $224,110 (9.7 billion/-) has been obtained and assisted in the implementation of various projects in the country and in other countries. other countries with compassionate service.

An estimated 300 entered the country from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland,

Muskathlon started in Holland and has spread to 20 European countries, Asia and the United States.

One of the Swiss mountaineers, Manuela Denoth, said what motivates them to do so is the sincere love, from the heart to liberate mothers and children in the fields of education, health, of poverty and faith.

“We just give, not that we are rich, we sacrifice ourselves for others, that’s why we donated and we set an example for other nations of the world to be touched and see that if you unite a lot with the little you have, you can help others who have problems and comfort them,” Denoth said.

Compassion Switzerland chief executive Christian Will said the organization, in partnership with Compassion Tanzania and Muskathlon, will continue similar efforts to ensure maternal and child care through Compassion eliminates the problems they face on a large scale. .

Compassion International is an international Christian organization focused on the development and advocacy of children. It uses cross-cutting approaches to address development issues faced by poor children in the community. This will fund over 109,000 children in health and education services.


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