Texas-based Buc-ee’s rides south to Colorado


Motorists passing through the town of Johnston, Colorado will soon be able to stop at Texas-based Buc-ee’s. The opening marks Buc-ee’s first expansion into the Centennial State and the first store and gas station outside of the southern United States.

According to the Buc-ee website, the future convenience store is currently expected to open in 2024.

Buc-ee’s Ltd. is based in Lake Jackson, Texas, and was founded by Arch “Beaver” Aplin III in 1982. Now with 40 locations, mostly in the Lone Star State, Buc-ee’s began to expand outside of Texas in 2019, with road trip outposts across the South including Alabama, Georgia and Florida. In addition to Colorado, new locations are on the way, including the largest Buc-ee location ever, which will open soon in Tennessee.

Buc-ee’s is known for its Texas-sized gas stations and convenience stores, $15 minimum wage, merchandise aisles, quirky food items, and spacious bathrooms.

Buc-ee’s heading west, y’all.

B. Kay Richter, for mySA

With the move to Colorado, where marijuana is legal, could edible Beaver nuggets soon in production? What about Buc-ee’s THC-infused fudge and barbecue? Will the superstore’s Colorado customers get this Beaver-approved Rocky Mountain high? Buc-ee’s Ltd. did not immediately respond to MySA’s request for comment on the matter.


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