The 10 Best Places for Mountain Biking Near Philadelphia



From family loops to technical trails, these trails offer a mix of everything the outdoors has to offer.

Check out these 10 mountain biking trails within a two-hour drive of Philadelphia. / Photograph by Sage Thompson.

Whether you are an avid cyclist or a beginner who wants to spend more time outdoors, Philly and the surrounding areas offer great trails to hone your mountain biking skills while enjoying breathtaking views of nature and wildlife. Traveling the trails on an ATV gives thrill seekers an adventure beyond the end of the paved road and induces adrenaline rushes with every climb, obstacle and descent.

Whatever your skill level, these 10 trails, all located within a two hour drive of Philly, have all your biking needs there.

Blue Marsh Lake

Or: Leesport, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 1 hour 30 minutes

Plan to spend the day at Blue Marsh Lake with over 30 miles of trails. The Lake Border Trail will put your endurance to the test with an approximately 28 mile loop and is your one stop shop for a variety of terrain, with single track, double track, dirt and even a few paved sections. Bird watchers and horse riders often frequent this trail as well, so be sure to share the path. An extension of the Lake Border Trail is the five-mile Union Canal Trail, which features IG-worthy scenery, as well as the Gring’s Mill snack bar to replenish and refuel before returning.

Fair Hill Mountain

Or: Elkton, MD
By car from Philadelphia: 1 hour, 10 minutes

With over 70 miles of trails, this natural resource management area offers something for cyclists of all skill levels. For the novice cyclist, the Red Trail will take you through open fields, forests and across Grammies Run Creek. The yellow trail offers cyclists a more moderate ride with elevation changes, quick descent, and bridge crossings, while the orange trail offers more challenging riding with hills and steep climbs.

Hill of Harmony

Or: Downtown, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 50 minutes

Intense downhill trails and climbs with the thrill of obstacles are just some of the many factors that inspire riders to experience Harmony Hill, with over seven miles of trails covered in rocks, roots and logs. The white / black trail is the more difficult trail and takes cyclists through winding forest, through two different peaks in the natural area, and includes a steep drop off, so be on the lookout. Harmony Hill trails are relatively short, giving riders plenty of time to explore them all and perfect each ride.

Nockamixon State Park

Or: Quakertown, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 1 hour 25 minutes

Ideal for beginners and intermediate riders, the 10 miles of trails around Lake Nockamixon are filled with beautiful panoramic views of the foliage and the lake itself. The three kilometer north loops are intended for beginner riders, with minimal rocks and soft terrain. As you descend the lake to the south, the trails for seasoned riders offer steep hills, shallow streams and rockeries to cross and trees to cross.

Smedley Park

Or: Springfield, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 35 minutes

With 120 acres to explore, Smedley Park has a lot to offer. The nearly six-mile Springfield Trail gives cyclists access to many other smaller trails such as the Whiskey Run, a unique trail that will test your skills with quick descents through trees, stream crossings, climbs and several crossings of uneven roots. As the journey is mostly through a wooded area, this location is a great way to observe wildlife and experience the serenity of picturesque landscapes.

Spring mountain

Or: Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 1 hour, 10 minutes

If you love the hills then Spring Mountain is the place to hit. Known for its winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, Spring Mountain is also a great place for mountain biking during the warmer months. Offering one of the most technical rides in the area, the four-mile all-terrain XC Loop will have your heart racing and your quads running. Right away, runners face a sturdy hill and rock gardens, followed by ladder bridges, winding switchbacks and, you guessed it, other hills. The last section of the loop will require a solid finish as you will be going down the back of the mountain with several large rock falls.

Tohickon Valley Park

Or: Pleasant Point, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 1 hour

Tohickon Valley Park is home to the High Rocks Trail and is a rocky yet technical experience for intermediate and advanced riders. With rocky drops and sprinting climbs, this trail is not for the faint of heart. Along the trail you will find nature enthusiasts admiring the scenic landscapes, flowers, and wildlife, as well as avid hikers scaling the cliffs above Tohickon Creek. The difficult ride is well worth it as you head to the cliff, signaling your tremendous achievement.

Valley Forge National Historic Park

Or: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 30 minutes

If history piques your interest, then Valley Forge National Historic Park is the perfect place to exercise and learn about the past. The 6.6-mile paved Joseph Plumb Martin Trail is ideal for an easy to moderate ride, past landmarks and valley views. The 4.5-mile Chapel Trail is another great family ride, offering mostly flat terrain and ending at one of Washington’s most popular Headquarters Park landmarks. With nearly 20 miles of trails in total, the park turns out to be a full day of fun for the whole family.

White Clay Creek State Park

Or: Newark, DE
By car from Philadelphia: 1 hour, 10 minutes

With over 3,600 acres of unspoiled forest, White Clay Creek offers several trails for mountain bikers of all skill levels to explore. The 10 mile triple loop is very scenic as it highlights trails suitable for beginners like Whitley Farms Trail, Bryan’s Field Trail, and David English Trail. For more advanced riders, there is a skill park that contains long and narrow raised bridges, a ladder bridge suspended from a rope, a rock garden for navigating and lots of twists and turns. Be sure to check trail openings during hunting season, as some may be closed for safety reasons.

Wissahickon Valley Park

Or: Wissahickon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
By car from Philadelphia: 25 minutes

If you are looking for a ride with a variety of terrain types within the city limits, then Wissahickon Valley Park is the place for you. The 10.5 mile Wissahickon Loop is the park’s main trail that takes cyclists through a rubble-filled descent, on a balance beam, and consists of steep climbs with log crossings and jumps. If you like to explore off the beaten track, there are other trails that extend off the main loop so you can ride as long or as short as you want.



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