The Complete Guide to Car Rental Elite Status Connections


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Like the elite status of airlines and hotels, the elite status of car rental can make your travels more enjoyable. More elite car rental status The programs offer valuable benefits such as increased point earnings, free upgrades, and other money-saving benefits.

That said, your elite car rental status only works with one car rental company. So unfortunately you will be without your benefits if you choose to rent with another company.

However, there is a workaround. Many car rental companies offer status matches to elite members of other programs. So if you have elite status with at least one car rental loyalty program, you may be able to match your status to other programs. For example, you can match your Hertz President’s Circle Status To Enterprise Platinum.

Matching your status can be a great way to test the waters with a new car rental business. So today I’m going to show you all the current car rental status match offers available. Let’s dive in!

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Company: up to Platinum status

(Photo by Lou Armor / Getty Images)

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(Photo by Lou Armor / Getty Images)

Enterprise recently rolled out a status match for Avis and Hertz members, corresponding to status levels up to the Enterprise Plus Platinum level. Higher status levels will be eligible for higher status with Enterprise and the status will be valid until February 28 of the second calendar year following the status match. So if you match on October 15, 2021, your status is good until February 28, 2023.

To match your car rental status to Enterprise, sign up for a Company More Account. Head to the status match site, enter your information, and take a photo of your Avis or Hertz statement. Download it from the Status Match website and you’re done.

Company status is not as lucrative as Circle of President Hertz Where National Executive, but it still has a handful of perks you can use to enhance your Enterprise rental experience. Platinum members get 20% bonus points and four upgrades per program year.

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Hertz: Correspond to the status of the President’s Circle

a car parked in a parking lot: Hertz President's Circle at Washington Dulles Airport.  (Photo by Zach Griff / The Points Guy)

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Hertz President’s Circle at Washington Dulles Airport. (Photo by Zach Griff / The Points Guy)

Circle of President Hertz is one of the most lucrative car rental statuses. These top-tier elites earn 50% bonus points and enjoy guaranteed one-class upgrades at participating locations. President’s Circle members also have access to the President’s Circle grounds at Hertz Ultimate Choice branches around the world.

Currently, Avis, Enterprise, and National members can qualify for Hertz status, with higher-level elites eligible for President’s Circle status. To do this, you will need to create a Hertz account and head to the status match site. Enter your information, provide proof of your current status and press the “Match My Status” button. You should see your corresponding status shortly.

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National: corresponds to the status of your airline, hotel or car rental

Finally, we have National. It is the car rental company of choice for many TPGers, in large part because of its solid Emerald Club Program. Senior Executive Elite members can enjoy perks like a free rental day after five qualifying rentals and upgrades in the US, Canada and Europe when you book using the mid-rate rate.

The cool thing about National Status Matching is that you can match the status of airline programs, hotel programs, and car rental loyalty programs. National lists American advantage, United MileagePlus and Hilton Honors as eligible programs, but notes that “over 40” programs are eligible for status matching.

It’s easy to match your status: just create a national account and fill out the form status match form. Your status correspondence is valid until February 28 of the second calendar year following your approval. You have the option to extend your Elite status by meeting the standard elite status requirements.

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Unconfirmed: Sixt matches in USA

(Photo by Marina113 / Getty Images)

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(Photo by Marina113 / Getty Images)

Sixt is a relatively new car rental company in the United States, but it is rapidly expanding its footprint. Sixt has three elite status levels, each offering bonus points, upgrades, and other valuable perks.

According to Sixt website, you can match your existing car, hotel, or airline rental status by sending proof of status by email. The website does not specify which programs are eligible, but we assume that Sixt will match all major loyalty programs.

Sixt does not mention how long a status match is valid, but you should know more about the details after your match is processed.

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Save on rental car insurance

Having elite status can improve your car rental experience, but you will still need to pay for insurance. Make sure you pay for your rental with a credit card that provides rental coverage. Two of the best examples of cards that provide primary rental coverage are the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers up to $ 75,000 in coverage, while the Chase Sapphire Preferred provides coverage up to the cash value of the car. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you usually pay to buy general insurance from the car rental company of your choice.

In addition, these two cards earn bonus points on travel purchases, so you will earn more points the next time you rent a car.

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At the end of the line

This is an envelope for all current rental car status match opportunities. Consider using one of these connections on your next rental from a new car rental company. It’s the easiest way to take your existing Elite status benefits with you when renting elsewhere.

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