The Scout Guide Comes to West Texas to Introduce Small Business



The Scout Guide officially arrives in West Texas and highlights Midland. Midlander Claire Ramirez is the editor-in-chief of The Scout Guide West Texas. The Scout Guide presents the best of a region in magazine form. It was launched in 2010 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Today, the company creates annual guides for more than 60 cities and regions.

“The guides are very high quality with gold leaf inlay on the front,” she said. “They have very nice spreads that showcase small businesses in cities across the country. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, and Hill County currently have Boy Scout Guides in Texas.

This is the most westerly place the guide has been to in the state of Texas, as Lubbock and El Paso currently do not have a guide. Ramirez said the West Texas guide lineup will travel to Marfa, Marathon, Alpine and Lajitas and Fort Davis to showcase West Texas businesses. There is a printed guide and a website.

Ramirez first met the Guides about eight years ago while visiting Dallas on a girls’ trip.

“I remember going to this nice shop that had a scout guide, and I remember wanting to buy it to take home with me,” she said. “The girl at the counter told me it was free and I could just take it. I ended up using the book all weekend. We went to the restaurants he recommended, the stores, and even saw a performance in a concert hall that was featured in the guidebook.

Since that trip, when Ramirez went to a town, she would check to see if that town had a Scout Guide. Ramirez is a fifth generation West Texan and grew up in Midland. She moved to Houston to work in corporate and political event planning after graduating from Baylor. She returned to Midland with her husband to start a family and was approached by a former partner to start an upscale shopping event in Midland. At the start of this year she left the company but wanted to do something truly local that had not been done in the past. She was then approached by the Scout Guide to bring the business here. Initially, there was some thinking about creating a Midland-Odessa Scout Guide, she said.

“There’s just this rich culture of far west Texas that taken together would make such an interesting guide,” Ramirez said. “Of course we will have the excellent restaurants and realtors in Midland and Odessa, but there will also be a flip side of our book which will be a travel guide on how to have the best weekend in Marfa, Fort Davis and Big Bend. In the end, we get a two-for-one that most guides don’t.

Guides are free to consumers and can be found at businesses in West Texas. The first guide for West Texas will be released in the summer of 2022. The guides will be updated and published annually, she added.

In addition to being featured in the local guide and locally online, the guide also promotes small businesses nationwide. The head office organizes listings that feature small businesses from across the country. Local publishers can submit businesses.

There will be opportunities for Scout Guide West Texas small businesses to be part of an entrepreneurial community. Ramirez said Guide members can network and potentially be part of a marketing workshop.

“I knew it would be a big success,” she said. “It’s already exciting to see how many small local businesses have contacted me to thank me for bringing this here, as they will be marketed in a way that they have never been marketed before. It is a leading publication that is recognized nationally.

The post officially launched last week. The Scout Guide West Texas is now accepting applications to be featured in the Guide as the Guide is the best of the best. Applications can be completed at

“We call it scouting,” she said. “So I’m looking for the best enchiladas in the small town of West Texas, but we’re also looking at who is the best dentist in Midland.”

She said she hopes to have one of the biggest guides of around 100 pages. There will be plenty of space for companies to engage in this partnership.

Ramirez plans to host a launch party in December, which will feature local vendors from across West Texas for a Christmas market. This will be the occasion for Le Guide Scout to introduce himself to the community.



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