The whistles and whistles of the Little Hungarian approach Kysuce


The 1909 steam locomotive in the Kysuce region is being restored.

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The Little Hungarian, one of the oldest narrow-gauge steam locomotives in Slovakia, may return to the historic forest railway in Vychylovka in the Čadca district in northern central Slovakia in the near future.

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The U34.901 locomotive, which made its last journey in 2016, is being renovated following a €25,000 grant awarded to the Kysuce Museum by the Ministry of Culture.

The machine was built in Budapest in 1909 by the Fabrika factory, known for the famous MÁV steam locomotives.

Restoration projects

Based on a restoration plan drawn up by Peter Kallo, certified restorer and expert in the restoration of historic transport vehicles and rail transport equipment, an axle, axial bearings, a braking system and a locomotive frame should all to be refurbished.

“During the past year, the Kysuce Museum managed to get the right block of a steam cylinder repaired,” the spokesperson said.

This year, the museum could obtain additional funds from the ministry. If all goes well, more funds could help the museum complete the first half of the locomotive’s renovation, as outlined in Kallo’s plan, and start work on the second half as well.

“It will focus on a boiler, fittings, sandblasting, painting and overall completion of the locomotive to get it operational again,” Jančulová said.

First used in Čierny Balog

The little Hungarian was first used on the forest railway in Čierny Balog, Brezno district, central Slovakia, before the Kysuce Museum decided to buy it in 1975.

“After extensive repairs at the Šverm Ironworks in Podbrezová, Brezno district, the locomotive was delivered to the museum in 1977,” Kysuce museum spokeswoman Miroslava Jančulová said.

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In 2003, the locomotive was declared a national cultural monument.

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