This hike near Ottawa leads to a lookout tower with panoramic views of hidden lakes


Vickie is a military veteran and an experienced hiker who promotes everyday well-being and the discovery of nature. She has created Ottawa hiking guides and other outdoor products, with proceeds going to mental health and conservation efforts. It’s a real wanderer and a knowledge base of local hikes and small shops nearby.

She also gave us some tips for sunrise and sunset hikes. Plan to arrive at your viewing location 45 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset time so you don’t miss it. “A big tip is to walk the trail in the daytime first,” she explained, it helps to get familiar with the area and not get lost when the trail looks different in the dark.

Mount Manitou

“Park at the Barrett Chute parking lot and follow the trail, you want to get to the Skywalk loop. It’s at the Skywalk loop, either there or just up from where the lift is, are the two best sunrise vantage points,” Vickie said, “What I love about that one is the sun rises right over Calabogie Lake, and if you look at the lake, he looks like a bear.”

Best views: sunrise.

Price: Free

Address: Barrett Chute Road, Calabogie, ON


Mount Morissette

“Mont Morissette has three main trails, you can either park at the base and hike trail one up to the tower or (if it’s cleared of snow) you can drive up to the tower,” Vickie told Narcity , “It offers a 360 degree view of the Outaouais region and is probably one of the most magical places at sunrise and sunset. You are usually above the clouds… After that you can hike the trail one or two down.

She also mentioned, “The reason I like it is because if people only have mild mobility issues, then driving up to the tower is a great option. The tower is fine built with wide staircases and rest sections in between.”

Best Views: Sunrises and Sunsets

Price: Free

Address: 35 Chem. Lac Long, Blue Sea, QC


Mont Tremblant

Although known primarily for winter skiing, Mont Tremblant also has snowshoe trails and hiking trails that can be used year-round. If you’re feeling daring, you can hike the whole mountain or take the gondola up to the view.

“Again, for mobility there’s the gondola going up, and once you get to the top there’s this extra lookout tower that you walk to if you want…you can go on the flat platform on the right or you can go left and you could go up this little lookout tower,” Vickie explained.

Best Views: Sunsets

Price: Free

Address: 1000 Chem. Travellers, Mont-Tremblant, QC


blueberry mountain

Vickie told us that there used to be a sketchy dirt road to the trailhead, but recent improvements have been made: “Blueberry Mountain is now paved and they now have a bench at the top and several benches along the way .”

She also made it clear: “Don’t feed the chickens. [The property owners] live at the base near the trail head so their homes are right there and they have free range chickens. » Be very careful when driving to the trail in case a chicken tries to cross the road.

“Then, of course, the view. The view from Blueberry Mountain, you can see Manitou Mountain, because they’re on the other side of the valley.”

Best views: sunset

Price: Free

Address: 502 Hills of Peace Road, Lanark, ON


Deacon’s Escarpment

At Deacon Escarpment you can hike for the day or book an overnight stay at one of their rustic cabins. “They have a great sunset view,” Vickie told us, “Good advice is that you book with them to stay at Sarah Lesley Chalet. You have the full sunset view on that big rock face on the escarpment.”

You can easily access the main viewing area using the trail map. “They have trail maps available in the parking lot and you just need to take a laminated trail map, leave your parking money and go.”

“The first step to getting on the trails is a butt-burning hill. It’s a good workout for the glutes.”

Best views: sunset

Price: $11.30 entry fee

Address: 12560 ON-60, Golden Lake, ON


Wabun Lake

“This would be the one that would require navigation skills if you decide to do the full 18 kilometer loop. If you decide to only do the 1.5 kilometers to the viewpoint, you don’t really need navigation , it’s quite easy. You follow the forest path to the power lines and then once at the power lines, you continue for 20 meters and you will see the lookouts.” Vickie clarified for us.

She also wanted to note that “the road may not be maintained, all the way to the trailhead at the entrance. It’s also a good butt burner [hike].”

Best views: sunset

Price: Free

Address: Wabun Lake Rd., Greater Madawaska, ON


Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area

“There are two main lookouts there that have scenic views, there’s a pond, and at one of the lookouts they have a trail [log book] where you can sign your name.”

Best views: sunrise

Price: Free

Address: Arcol Road, Ompah, ON


Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart, and above all, be respectful on your adventure.


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