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Walking under the city lights seems romantic. But the truth is, expensive car rentals and daily commutes just aren’t ideal for many. Outraged, walking is a form of exercise, and it improves both physical and mental health. In addition to being beneficial, it is the best way to immerse yourself in the city.

Since modern infrastructure has limited car-oriented structures, suitable for pedestrians cities have become more ideal for Americans, especially for those who like to walk. Whether it’s a resident or a tourist, walking is such a convenient choice over buying gasoline or fares. While it’s impossible to get around the United States without a car, there are certainly cities across the country that the walking community has explored on foot.

Here’s why the American walking community is in love with these cities:

ten New York, New York

New York City is known for its unlimited access to public transportation, which can get anyone from one point to another in just a few minutes, but it’s expensive. With its walking distance to shopping malls, restaurants and theaters, we no longer have to spend on fares. Therefore, the main reason why it is a destination for those who like to walk.

In fact, US Census data shows that more than 70% of Manhattan’s residents do not have a car or a license, and some neighborhoods like Union Square and Nolita are particularly pedestrian-friendly.

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9 San Francisco, California

San Francisco holds the title of the second most accessible city on foot in the country. The hills and peaks of the city are not only the reason people prefer to walk, the views of the city as people pass through Haight-Ashbury are well worth it.

Although the great automobile culture passes through the Golden Gate Bridge, many still prefer to walk due to its serene beauty. But, once your legs are depleted, rental bikes are available to cycle through popular San Francisco streets such as Chinatown and Union Square.

8 Jersey City, New Jersey

Called New York’s “Sixth District”, Jersey City is also home to unlimited modes of transportation. But this city is ideal for walking because of the accessibility to its shops and centers. In five minutes, residents and tourists can walk to around 20 different types of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Who needs a car when you can get your groceries in a few minutes on foot?

7 Seattle, Washington

The glow of downtown and the outdoor adventures are some of the things people love about Seattle. The Space Needle, number one on the list of things to do for many tourists, is definitely a pedestrian zone. There, tourists can enjoy its interior garden, the Museum of Pop Culture and Pacific Science. If skyscrapers aren’t a must-see, the Fremont neighborhood is a great place to stroll instead.

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6 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of the most walkable cities in the country. In Philadelphia, almost everything can be done on foot. With its historic district, popular street food, public art, festivals and green spaces, everyone should ditch the cars and witness it as they walk.

Center City West and Rittenhouse Square are among the pedestrianized districts of Pennsylvania.

5 Washington DC

The National Mall is the perfect place to start a stroll in Washington, DC. The monuments in this park honor various historical people and events. As they say, this is where the present meets the past. This national park certainly has enough attractions to keep tourists busy for days.

The national park is not everything, the city has many areas perfect for a walk, including Georgetown with its historic restaurants, sidewalks and famous magical cherry blossom trees.

4 Boston, Massachusetts

Boston’s tight-knit neighborhoods are the obvious reason residents and tourists alike prefer to walk – despite the city being known to have the first subway system in the United States. Narrow alleys evoking the colonial era.

Some of its neighborhoods offer many sites like Beacon Hill and North End. The walking community should be sure to try out the country’s most popular walk, the famous Freedom Trail.

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3 Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City offers various walking tours of its popular museums and urban neighborhoods. More than that, Chicago’s music, sports, comedy shows, and food festivals are best explored on foot. Tourists generally enjoy the view of the city’s waterfront at Chicago Lakefront and enjoy strolling around Navy Pier.

2 Miami, Florida

Miami City is a paradise in the south. From the views of its beaches to its vibrant street art, walking is the best option for exploring these gems. It’s no wonder the walking community loves to walk around the city. Not only do these places offer spectacular views, but also an understanding of the art deco sidewalks of the city and its historic downtown.

Little Havana, Downtown and Wynwood-Edgewater are some of its pedestrian areas.

1 Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the perfect place to get a taste of what the cities of Europe are like. It is known to be the “little London” of the south. It is a very accessible city on foot as it is known to be the safest city in the country. Tourists can explore its historical monuments and popular architecture.

Downtown Charleston offers one-stop shopping malls, restaurants and small souvenir shops. As you stroll along King Street and the city’s oldest park, Washington Square will immerse tourists in Charleston’s history.

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