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Tina Hike Hubbard

Head of Communications, Engagement and Registration
Baltimore City Public Schools

Women continue to face disparities economically, on corporate boards and in leadership positions. Why is this still the case and what needs to happen to really change the conversation and start moving faster in this critical area?

Women need to mentor other women. We must have the courage to have honest conversations with other women to help them reach their potential. We must also see the light in others and help their light shine. Throughout my life, I have been mentored by amazing women who have helped me see my light, and I started a mentorship program for school-aged girls over 20 years ago to to offer the same opportunity for their growth. We need to create space in the workplace for women to manage multiple roles as mother, daughter, carer and friend, and these roles need to be honored as they allow women to truly multitask and have a multidimensional view of the world. Women should be celebrated for nurturing the potential of those they lead and for their willingness to help cultivate growth in others.

Share your story of how you got to the C-suite and how you’re helping other women achieve that goal.

I got to where I am today by developing my leadership skills through a combination of amazing career and volunteer opportunities. Throughout my career, I have sought opportunities to lead from my seat and serve as an essential member of the team. I’m always ready to do whatever it takes to help my colleagues succeed, whether I’m leading them or reporting to them. In my life as a volunteer, I have served on several boards of directors that corresponded to my passion. Because I care deeply about the mission of these organizations, I have agreed to take on leadership roles on the board. These roles were as essential as my daily work in my personal growth. I strive to be a servant leader by building trust, leading with humility, demonstrating commitment, and measuring success by impact on others.


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