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LEICESTER – Trail Otter, a Leicester-based hiking and hiking outfitter, has announced a new hiking challenge for Letchworth State Park – hike the park’s 29 hiking trails.

Hikers who complete the “Hike Letchworth: HIked ‘Em All Challenge” will hike 74 miles of open trails in the 14,4270-acre park.

“Hiking the 74 miles of beautifully maintained trails involves lots of elevation and ever-changing conditions,” said Bill Waterhouse, one of Trail Otter’s licensed guides.

Once hikers complete the challenge, they receive a stylish completion patch.

An official Letchworth map and guidebook is available from the Trail Otter store, .

Trail Otter issued the challenge to get people out and explore the “Grand Canyon of the East”. Much of the park, especially the more rustic east side, is underused and just as impressive as the waterfall areas, Waterhouse said.

The goal is to inspire hikers to explore the entire park, and Trail Otter looks forward to hearing stories that are sure to be generated by the challenge, he said.

The challenge is also a fundraiser for two organizations that keep Letchworth’s trails in top condition. Added water house

“Most people don’t realize that the trails at Letchworth State Park are maintained by volunteers from two non-profit organizations, the Friends of Letchworth State Park and the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, as well as by park staff,” he said.

A large portion of the $20 challenge fee goes to support the Friends of Letchworth and the Finger Lakes Trail Conference.

Hikers can sign up for the challenge on the Trail Otter website,, and visit the store, 134 Main St., Leicester, to get an official Letchworth map and guide which shows all the trails in the challenge.

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