Tyrrell Park could have a new walking path


Lots of changes are happening in Tyrrell Park, and last week Beaumont City Council approved something else – the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau can now apply for a walking path grant.

The grant would come from the Jefferson County Tourism Commission and partially fund the project, which could cost up to $98,000. The CVB requested $45,000. If they receive the grant, the CVB will finance the rest with the money from the hotel tourist tax.

“There is no financial burden on citizens,” Beaumont CVB executive director Dean Conwell said. “Basically tourists pay for the trail so we can all enjoy it.”

The proposed trail would run from Tyrrell Park Nature and Visitors Center to Cattail Marsh. It would be a raised concrete sidewalk and would span approximately 600 meters. The CVB wants it to be a scenic route, with benches and other rest areas, which eventually connects to the Tyrrell Park promenade.

“We don’t want to make it straight, we want it to meander a bit, go through the trees,” Conwell said. “We want to plant flowering plants to attract different species of birds that we don’t have right now.”

In fact, they won’t cut down any trees to build the trail. Instead, they plan to plant additional vegetation.

“These will all be natural, native plants, but we will focus on planting plants that will attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, small birds, bats – all good things,” the director of CVB Ecotourism, John Beaver. “I think the original plan was to have different sections of the trail where there would be a different emphasis on different types of vegetation.”

Beaver said Beaumont is a bee town and creating an area where bees can thrive is a priority for the CVB.

“We are committed to creating an area where the bee population can grow and thrive because they are extremely important,” Beaver said. “The main pollinators are bees, and they are responsible for over 50% of the food we eat.”

The CVB expects to know in April whether it has received the grant.

“If we get the funding we need, maybe we could start in 6 months,” Conwell said. “I think the construction would take about 2 months.”

Ward 4 City Council member Chris Durio said he was excited about the trails. He lives nearby and says he goes to the park almost every day.

“Tyrrell Park is a central city park,” he said. “Having a track is going to be really nice. This is another attraction for visitors to the city and I think they will enjoy it. We have a lot of walkers and cyclists who live near there and go there. I think it’s going to be great for the city.

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